NCEdCloud is one of the most successful EdTech (education technology) platforms. North Carolina Education Cloud (NCEdCloud) provides several tools for administrative as well as instructional use. The advanced system has all the necessities to support NC Race to the Top (RttT) initiatives.

The system makes use of IAM (Identity and Access Management) tools to ensure proper access for students as well as administrators. Additionally, the SSO (Single Sign-On) capabilities make it much easier to access the system for students and administrators.

The overall convenience of the system, as well as the availability of multiple ways to sign in make it a remarkably easy tool for use. It also has an overall useful UI (user interface), so navigating the system is unencumbered.

Let’s get a better look at the system and its components.

NCEdCloud Login

There are some system-specific options to access NCEdCloud. It’s fairly straightforward, but still useful to know.

Here are the steps to take when you want to login to NCEdCloud.

  • Type in your browser address bar. Or, click here. Another option is to type or click here
  • After you enter the address, you’ll be taken to the login page. 
  • The first field for login is a dropdown list. The default value here is NCEdCloud. The other option is NCDPI. Check to ensure that it says NCEdCloud, or you can change it to the desired value.
  • The next field is for your username. Enter your username and click/tap on “Go”.
  • At the next screen you will be asked for your password. NCEdCloud uses MFA (multi-factor authentication), so a OTP (one time password) might be required as well.
  • Successful authentication takes you to the Rapid Identity Applications page, signifying a successful login.
NCEdCloud Login

NCEdCloud Login With QR Code

It is possible to use another method here. When at the NCEdCloud login, you can choose “Scan Student QR Code”. Of course, this assumes you have a QR code available. 

Once this option is chosen, the device (computer, phone, or tablet), switches on its camera to look for the QR code. Place the code in the camera field and the login process will continue.

Why Does NCEdCloud Say “Do Not Bookmark This Page”

When you reach the login screen of NCEdCloud, you may notice that it advises against bookmarking the page. So, what can you do if you want quick access to the system?

Well, the idea is not to bookmark the login page, as that will require going through the whole process again.

Instead, bookmark the Rapid Identity Applications page. This is the page where you see all the application icons. 

Why NCEdCloud And IAM Service?

So, why does North Carolina use NCEdCloud and the IAM service? The answer is that the goal is to make things easier for students, teachers, and other stakeholders. 

An estimate suggests that K-12 students in NC have about 4-6 online accounts to access their learning resources. The teachers and administrators are likely to have twice as many accounts.

Handling so many accounts can be problematic, additionally managing so many accounts can feel like a chore when information needs to be updated.

A solution to all this is NCEdCloud, which functions as a single sign-on to access multiple services. This way, having a single account works to provide access to multiple resources, while also simplifying the overall process. 

Since account update is usually a manual process, this also saves time for students, teachers, and administrators, since updates to a single account are enough. Additionally, the information remains accurate, updated, and complete.

With all this information available, 

Apart from all these benefits, IAM also provides strong identity management. It works as:

  • A centralized data repository
  • Managing multiple educational software with Single Sign-on
  • A central directory service

As technology is increasingly used in education, it makes sense to have a better system to facilitate this development.

It’s worth noting that the features of NCEdCloud are not the same for everyone. These can differ by school and even by individuals, depending on the applications they have and use. Additionally, the features can vary by role. As a simple example, students, teachers, and administrators will have access to different features. 

The key role for the system is to provide a single account to access all these resources.

Features And Roles Available On NCEdCloud

Overall, there are three roles available on NCEdCloud:

  • Student
  • Teacher 
  • Administrator

Features Available For Students On NCEdCloud

After login, students can:

  • Access class materials
  • Use secure storage and data transfer
  • View their profile information
  • Reset their password
  • Collaborate on projects with classmates or group members
  • Share files via email
  • Work with their language of choice (English, French, Arabic, Spanish).

Features Available For Teachers On NCEdCloud

After login, teachers can:

  • Create classes and enroll students in such classes
  • Create assignment material and track the progress of students
  • View profiles of their students
  • Reset or restore student passwords
  • Access the work of students (relevant assignments, projects, etc.)

Features Available For LEA Administrators On NCEdCloud

Administrators have access to several features and options like:

  • View contact information for students and district employees
  • Enable and disable accounts and passwords
  • Access user audit data
  • Create sponsored guest accounts
  • Send push notifications and messages to enrolled students, teachers, parents/guardians
  • Access grades and assignments for students

Claiming my.ncedcloud Account

A new user would need to “claim” their NCEdCloud account to use the service. The process of claiming the account varies slightly depending on whether you’re a student or a teacher/staff. Yet, some principles are broadly the same.

Claiming NCEdCloud Account For Students

It is advisable that students talk to their teachers about setting up or claiming the NCEdCloud account. Depending on the school policy, setting up the account can be much easier. 

However, here are the steps to follow for claiming the account:

  • Visit the NCEdCloud login portal at or click here
  • Look for the button labeled “Claim my account” and click or tap on it
  • This takes you to a new page. Each screen will have a step of the process for claiming the account. There are four steps.
  • On the first screen, choose “LEA Student Claim Policy” from the dropdown and select next.
  • During the next steps, you will be asked to set your password, verify your identity, and other relevant information.
  • You will need information like LEA or charter school code. The student UID number will also be required.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete all four steps. 
  • Take note of your username and password.

Claiming NCEdCloud Account For Staff/Employees

By and large, the process for claiming an account by the employees or staff remains similar to that used by students. However, there are small changes to account for the different access and features available to employees.

In many cases, employees can benefit by speaking to their workplace for information on claiming the account. 

Here are the steps to start claiming your NCEdCloud account:

  • Visit the NCEdCloud login portal at or click here
  • Look for the button labeled “Claim my account” and click or tap on it
  • There are four steps for claiming your account. Each screen represents one step. You’ll be asked for relevant information like Employee UID Number, school code, and more to ascertain identity and set up your account.
  • For the first step, choose “LEA Employee Claim Policy” from the dropdown menu
  • In the next step, you’ll be asked for your Employee UID number, birth date, school code.
  • Continue with steps 3 and 4, following instructions on the screen
  • Once all steps are complete, you’ll see a confirmation page with your username highlighted in green.
  • Take note of your username and password.

Forgot Username Or Password For NCEdCloud

Did you forget your username or password to access the platform? There are options available to recover this information.

Forgot Password

  • Visit
  • Look for the button titled “forgot my password”
  • Click or tap on the button
  • There are four steps to this process. The first step is to enter your username.
  • Complete all four steps to reset your password

In case of problems, students may also request their teacher or relevant staff member to reset their password. 

Employees are required to change their password regularly to ensure better system security. The recovery and reset option can be useful if you misplace your password.

Forgot Username

  • Visit
  • Look for the button titled “forgot my username”
  • Click or tap on this button
  • This is a two step process. The first step is to enter the email address associated with your account.
  • Complete the steps with instructions on the screen
  • Once you get your username, be sure to note it for security

Students can approach their teacher or relevant staff member for help with forgotten usernames. Staff or employees may also consider getting help from the relevant department if there are additional issues with this process.