NCVPS Now in NCEdCloud!

NCVPS (North Carolina Virtual Public School) makes use of a Canvas instance to work with its students. However, as things stand, most students also end up using other EdTech software or options. 

With so many accounts to handle, there’s always a chance of information going out of date or other issues like missing passwords or similar. It is troublesome to handle all of that for students as well as teachers.

So, it makes sense for NCVPS to use the goodness of NCEdCloud and its IAM (Identity and Access Management) system. So, it’s good to hear that NCVPS has become available on NCEdCloud. The system will be available for all secondary students (grades 6 and up), 

Since NCVPS uses Canvas, their logo inside the NCEdCloud Dashboard will have the title NCVPS-Canvas. This way, students can easily access the Canvas when desired. 

When students enrolled with the NCVPS click on this logo, they will be taken to the relevant information. However, if those who are not enrolled try to use this system click on the logo, it will show an error message.

While NCVPS is available on NCEdCloud, they haven’t completely given up on the NCVPS Canvas system, It continues to be available, and students can still use the NCVPS Canvas link if they so prefer. For login, this system uses the original usernames and passwords that students use with NCVPS.

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