5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Walkie Talkies on Sale

Receiving a call while riding on a busy highway is nothing less than skating on the thin ice. Losing attention for seconds can cause huge losses. However, by buying a motorcycle helmet walkie talkie, you will no longer need to take your phone out for receiving calls. Rather, the headsets will do the job of transmitting in hands-free mode.

Not only do the headsets offer hands-free communication, but also include quality sound systems to save you from getting bored in traffic by playing music. You can also take guidance from GPS navigations or can communicate with other Bluetooth headsets using the intercom feature.

But with innovative features, judging what they are meant for or are the features beneficial for you is overwhelming. This guide will explain how the different features offered by the best helmet walkie talkies are advantageous for you while riding.

1.     FODSPORTS M1S Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

The FODSPORTS M1S is just the ticket for motorcyclists planning to hit the road. These headsets with a rugged built and water-resistant frame can join you in all weathers. The advanced 4.1 Bluetooth in-built connects faster and transmits signals efficiently enabling a smooth intercom experience.

You can connect with a group of 8 motorcyclists at a time to keep a check on everyone while enjoying the road trips. An extensive intercom range of about 2000 meters ensures that your mates remain connected even if they lose track in traffic. Furthermore, you can connect with 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously to listen to music, navigate or make calls.

Encountering wind, engine or roadside noises is a common problem while riding. With CVC technology featured in this headset, all the background noises reduce even if you are biking at a speed of 120 KPH. The 40mm speakers installed have a rich sound quality to render an excellent music experience.

A 900 mAh battery installed in the headset charges fastly. After a full charge, you can enjoy music for 16 hours or a talk time of 20 hours. And you can communicate with your group using the intercom for a full 12h day. But, unlike other available units in the market, there is an unavailability of FM radio on this headset.

2.      Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Helmet Headset

 Sena SMH10-10 is a perfect fit for riding enthusiasts. Whether you want to make calls, listen to music or monitor GPS navigation, this single gadget can serve for all purposes. The Bluetooth 3.0 featured in this headset is compatible with almost every other Bluetooth device supporting HSP/HFP and A2DP. Plus, you can connect with 4 users at once using the multi-pair options.

But is compatibility enough to sell on a headset?  Absolutely not! Even if a device is compatible, the associated range and battery capacity make a difference. The Sena SMH10-10 has a wide range of around 900 meters (980 yards) so you can maintain a stable connection at long distances. Although the sound quality is average, you will always get to listen to a clear voice, thanks to the noise control technology that counters the background noises.

The features of a headset are enjoyed to the fullest only if the battery is strong enough to last throughout the tour. To secure this, these headsets install a Lithium polymer battery that can offer a talk time of 12 hours once fully charged.

The Sena headset is a doddle to install and function. You will find a standard clamp in the packaging that fits almost on any helmet. By using the in-built jog dial you can easily set the volume level. While you don’t have to adjust the volume every time as Sena SMH10-10 has a smart memory to remember your preferred volume levels for the future.    

3.     Yideng BT-S2 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Interphone

Are you looking for an inexpensive, no-frills headset? Search no more as Yideng is here to offer maximum features at minimum cost. Because of the smart built, this headset fits on most of the full-face and half-face helmets. Since it is waterproof, you can go out riding with the headset installed in all weathers.

The built-in 3.0 Bluetooth chip connects the devices efficiently for smooth transmissions. Even at a high speed of 120 km/h, 2-3 riders can continue talking with their mates through phone or intercom. Whereas the connection can be secured if you are 1000 meters away from others.

To offer a splendid listening experience, the headset contains echo cancelling and noise suppression features. This ensures that you listen to music and talk to friends in a crystal-clear voice. Also, if you get tired of listening to old playlists, the headset can play broadcasts from FM stations to amuse you.

The Yideng BT-S2 headset works on Lithium polymer batteries that can power the headset for 8 hours after 3.5 hours of charging. However, the sound quality hinders by wind noises as you exceed the speed limit of 50 mph.

4.      LEXIN LX-B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom with FM Radio

The LEXIN LX-B4FM is designed dedicatedly for music lovers. The HD speakers installed deliver a hi-fi audio quality. The headsets do not come with any limitations for communicating with other units. You can connect with both iPhone and Android devices. As the headsets have a universal pairing feature, they can connect with any other Bluetooth device regardless of the brand.

The intercom function lets you connect with 4 riders at the same time. And in case anyone gets missing in the traffic, you can have a track of them for around 1,600 meters. By enabling GPS navigation, you can reach the desired destination accurately.

LEXIN works on a powerful 800 mAh battery that offers exceptional operating hours. The headsets can play music streams for as long as 15 hours or work as an intercom for 8 hours without requiring a recharge. This long battery life allows the riders to enjoy their trips without any fear of disconnection.

LEXIN LX-B4FM has a smart design that assists installation while the waterproof feature secures that you will not encounter malfunctioning. To guarantee their compatibility with all helmets, two interchangeable microphones are packaged with the headsets. You can either install the boom microphone for open face helmets or the button microphone for full-face helmets. Nonetheless, the earpads might be a bit large for some helmets. 

5.      Yaconob BT-S3 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Radio

Yaconob BT-S3 is another low-end headset for motorcyclists on a tight budget. The headset allows you to use it as an intercom for communicating with 2 other riders at once. Or to follow the GPS navigation to ensure you are on the right track. Or simply to listen and enjoy music while driving.

The headsets can establish stable transmissions for a distance of around 1000 meters. To minimize the background or wind noises, these headsets feature wind noise processing and DSP noise cancellation technology. These functions allow the rider to enjoy the best communication or music listening experience even when riding at a high speed of 120 km/h.

As for crystal-clear FM receptions, you listen to the broadcasts from the most active frequency automatically selected by these headsets. These headsets can also operate smoothly on extreme temperature ranges of 14°F to 131°F.  They have a rugged built that can resist water and sunlight which make them suitable for all seasons.

The headset installs a 500 mAh battery which has 3 hours of charging time and an amazing 100h of standby time. You can make the intercom calls for 8h. When connected with mobile phones, the battery life extends to 10 hours. Nevertheless, the quality of the speakers is not up to par, but one can listen to the audio in a loud clear voice at low speeds.


These motorcycle helmet walkie talkies can make your trips safer and simpler with their quality features. The FODSPORTS headset is our top pick for the category because of the availability of exclusive features securing maximum ease. The 4.1 Bluetooth is more efficient and connecting with 8 riders at once makes the journey enjoyable. The battery life of this headset is also exceptional; hence, every related aspect is dealt with delicately to offer the best experience.

The Sena headset also comes with almost the same features but with a higher price tag. Yet the consumers happily grin and bear the price due to the reliability of the brand. However, if you are not sensitive about the brand names, going with the other low-end products can also serve you with the same features.