5 Best Walkie Talkies with Base Station

A walkie talkie with the base station is essential to secure communication at wider distances. This is because the base station generates more power output that results in transmitting the RF signals with a boosted strength. Along with it, the base station can pull in more bands and render crystal-clear receptions.

However, the radios with base stations do not come with a low-price tag. Therefore, before buying one, inquiring about its reliability can save you from wasting a small fortune. Also, in order to fetch all the pros of this unit, buying a tried and tested radio would be beneficial.

Keeping the facts in mind, we have reviewed and selected these 5 radios with base stations that offer the maximum features at their corresponding price ranges.

1.     Cobra 29NW Professional Emergency Radio

Great for: Powerful broadcasts

When it comes to two-way radios, Cobra pops in our mind as they have been offering reliable yet innovative radios for more than 50 years. The Cobra 29NW with its user-friendly features is no exception. The NightWatch feature, SWR system, full coverage and a lot more has made this professional radio quite resourceful. However, the functioning of the radio is not a tough row to hoe and we will let you know why.

This radio with an exclusive excess to 40 channels assures that wherever you go, you will always find an active band to connect. The integrated SWR antenna system pulls in the radio signals with full strength, so you don’t encounter muffled reception. In case you calibrate the antenna improperly, the radio will flash a red light to inform you.

While venturing to a remote area, having an emergency backup is crucial. Keeping this in mind, the Cobra 29NW has installed emergency access buttons on the front panel. By switching on channel 9, you can make an emergency call. Whereas to fetch urgent information, you can switch to channel 19.

To keep you transmitting at night or in dark sites, the NightWatch panel lights up so you can easily view and operate. In case your eyes are strained from the brightness of the panel, use the variable dimmer option to alter the brightness. Nonetheless, the radio does not comprise any new school features like Bluetooth technology, which in turn makes the functioning simpler for everyone.

2.     Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio

Great for: Cost efficiency

If you are on a budget but still want to enjoy the perks of professional radio, the Uniden PRO505XL is all you need to buy. This compact radio can be mounted easily in vehicles without acquiring much space. A large LCD integrated into the radio can be read easily. Plus, this cost-effective radio comes with all essentials including mounting bracket, microphone holder, hardware etc. This saves you from the drill of rushing to the market in search of equipment.

Like all other professional radios, the Uniden PRO505XL also tunes in the 40 CB channels. You will find a dedicated key for channel 9 on the front panel. So, in case of an emergency, don’t waste your time in finding an appropriate channel as this integrated function will directly tune in the emergency band.  

There are other features like the S/RF power indicator that updates you about the signal strength of incoming or outgoing transmissions. By enabling the PA function and installing the PA speakers, you can transmit a voice audible at a wider distance. You can also modify the sound quality of your radio by connecting external speakers to the provided jack.

To ensure static free transmissions, a dial for squelch control is built-in to the radio. The large LCD updates you about the played channel at a glance. The channel select buttons are also integrated whereby you can switch to the desired channels easily. Nonetheless, you might not be satisfied by the sound quality of speakers but, at such a low cost these radios are the best you can get.

3.     Midland MXT115 GMRS MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

Great for: Transmission range

With a premium transmission range of about 50 miles, this walkie talkie is best for those planning voyages in far-flung areas. Although the range reduces where there are obstructions, reviewers share how efficiently the radio broadcasts even in presence of hindrances. Since this unit has a compact built, there is no need to manage large space for fitting it. 

The multi-colored LCD is large enough that you can read it easily. On the display, you will find information regarding network strength, tuned-in channel, RX/TX mode and other essential functions. The radio has access to NOAA weather bands to assist you in dealing with unprecedented weather conditions.  

As for smooth broadcasting, there is an availability of 15 GMRS channels covering different regions. Besides, the 8 repeater channels present in the radio receive and retransmit the RF signals with greater strength to boost the transmission range. However, you will require a GMRS license to start transmissions.

Moreover, you can maintain a connection with all Midland FRS/GMRS radios regardless of their model. Meanwhile you communicate, the 142 privacy tones will guard the transmission to curb all possible chances of interferences or eavesdropping. Hence, the Midland MXT115, with additional features like the keylock function, keystroke tones, programmable squelch and others has the tendency to make the transmission experience enjoyable for you.

4.      BTECH Mobile GMRS-50X1 Two-Way Radio

Great for: Compatibility

Connectivity is the crux of a walkie talkie. BTECH has boosted the connectivity by enabling the user to communicate with any other FRS or GMRS radios regardless of the brand. To add bells and whistles in the compatibility of GMRS-50X1, it is given ultimate access to GMRS repeaters along with wideband and narrowband channels. The radio allows you to tune in both UHF or VHF bands as well as weather or any other additional channel of interest.

Furthermore, you can set any of the available CTCSS or DCS privacy tones for securing your transmission from interference. You can also pull in FM stations or save the UHF/VHF bands in the memory of the radio. This saves you from finding the desired channels every time the radio restarts.

The integrated backlit LCD keeps the user updated on all necessary information. You can enable the Quad feature to monitor 3 other frequencies while playing one as a primary band. To prevent unintended functioning, activate the keypad lockout function and your radio would freeze to the current station.

Depending upon the situation, the radio’s power output can be switched. In case you want to transmit at smaller distances, switching in mid (5W) or low (20W) power mode would be sufficient. However, by activating the high (50W) mode, you can transmit at wide distances. Hence, this radio with its extended functionality, has the potential to be your long-term broadcast partner.

5.      Retevis RT-9000D Mini Mobile Transceiver

Great for: Easy programming  

The Retevis RT-9000D is an inexpensive, no-frills walkie talkie that can serve good for both amateurs and veterans. You can program the radio simply on your PC by installing the software available on the Retevis website. You can customize the 5 setting and function buttons installed on the front panel. Moreover, the microphone with a manual keypad guides clearly about each key’s function so you can operate the radio without any confusion.

This radio is designed dedicatedly to be a part of your journeys. Even if you don’t have enough space in your car, the walkie talkie with its compact built knows how to fit in everywhere. The blue backlit LCD integrated updates the user about the current band without causing eye fatigue.

There are 200 channels in the radio with 50 CTCSS and 1024 DCS tones that secure transmission at its best. By switching in between the 3 power modes, you can set the transmission range according to your requirements. Thereby enabling you to maintain a stable connection wherever you go.

For the sake of safe driving, the radio features a VOX function that allows you to transmit without holding the microphone. Once you have chosen the right channels and frequencies, you can lock the keypad to avoid unintended changes. Nonetheless, you will require a license to experience the actual transmission range of this radio. 


Analyzing one’s budget and requirements before buying a radio with the base station will help you in deciding the right product for you. For those willing to cut the corners, installing the Uniden PRO505XL will be ideal as they offer the desirable radio features without asking for hefty sums.

Whereas the BETECH 50X1, though expensive, is going to blow your mind with its extensive compatibility and performance. Similarly, each product has its particular specialty. However, they all can upgrade your transmission experience efficiently. Choose the one that fits best for your needs and enjoy listening to crisp broadcasts on long road trips.