6 Best Baby Walkie Talkies Available

We are living in the age of innovations where gadgets like cell phones and tablets have prevailed over all other social activities. Nonetheless, granting kids access to smartphones is detrimental as it leads to diverting their attention. But, if your child insists to get a phone, buying the best baby walkie talkies is the befitting alternative. 

The walkie talkies will give a sense of cellphones to your kids by offering a wireless communication channel. Also, the vivid built and plain programming will never fail to captivate their attention.

Interested in buying one? Here’s a list of 6 tried and tested radios that can entertain the minors by wide transmissions, beautiful designs, portability and whatnot.

1.      Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Boys and Girls

Carrying a bulky radio is inconvenient for both kids and adults. Keeping this in mind, Retevis RT628 is given a compact and lightweight built so the kids can hold or carry it easily. The front panel contains only a few buttons to make the operating simpler for children. Also, the keypad function further eases operating by securing the walkie talkie on the current station.

To ensure that interference does not frustrate the kids while communicating, the radio is granted access to 22 FRS channels. Plus, the installed high-grade microphone records messages efficiently. Whereas the squelch function suppresses background noises to offer a loud and clear sound quality. 


  • 99 CTCSS tones
  • VOX function
  • LCD display
  • Allows one-to-more communication
  • License free


  • Does not install rechargeable batteries

2.     E-WOR Walkie Talkies for Kids 

E-WOR walkie talkies comprise all features to be your kid’s favorite gadget. With a wide transmission range of around 4Km, these radios can accompany them during hiking, camping or exploring. The 22 channels with 99 sub-tones signify that even at remote locations, they will always find an active band to connect.

By activating the VOX function, the children can communicate in a hands-free mode without needing to press the PTT button. Since the radio installs rechargeable batteries, you can charge it easily. Whereas the auto battery save function works to preserve battery life for long. And the LCD makes reading the status of the walkie talkie comprehensible for kids.


  • Transmits efficiently at extreme temperatures 
  • Adjustable volume
  • Attractive design
  • Squelch function
  • Auto scan


  • Too small in size

3.      FUNTASTIK Long Range Walkie Talkie for Kids

If you want your kids to have a blast on any special event, the Funtastik walkie talkies are the perfect gift you can buy for them. These units are designed dedicatedly to be a playing partner of children whether they play indoors or outdoors. As the radios have a compact design with a belt clip, they can be easily worn and carried around.

Searching for an active band out of multiple channels can get perplexing for kids. Considering this fact, these walkie talkies contain only 3 channels which can be programmed easily. Yet the sound quality is not compromised, and the children can enjoy clear transmissions for a range of about 300 meters.


  • Easy to use
  • Clear sound
  • Colorful & ergonomic built
  • Fair transmission range
  • LED display


  • Limited transmission range

4.      Obuby Toy Walkie Talkies for Boy and Girls

This colorful pack of walkie talkies can attract children both by its design and performance. The radio is compactly built with comfortable buttons indicating their relative functions. The rubber finishing enables a firm grip whereas the wide LCD notification about the current band, battery status and network strength. 

However, realizing that looks alone cannot keep the kids engaged for long, these walkie talkies comprise a strong communication system. They contain 22 channels with 99 sub-channels to provide clear transmissions at a distance of around 3 miles. Plus, by activating the VOX function they can talk directly without pressing the PTT button.


  • Backlit display
  • Call tones
  • LED flashlight
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-interference function


  • Difficult to operate for some kids 

5.      LOOIKOOS Handheld Radio for Kids

Is your child’s birthday around the corner? This camouflage walkie talkie can surprise them with its ergonomic design and wide transmission capacity. Weighing around 80 grams only, the radio is easy to carry, or the kids can wear it using the lanyard. Also, the VOX feature and headphone jack availability enable them to transmit even when engaged in other tasks.

To ensure that night or dark locations do not stop your kids from exploring around, the radio has an integrated flashlight to brighten up their path. As for communication, there are 22 channels along with a NOAA weather alert available on the unit. And you only need 4 AAA batteries to power up the walkie talkie for long.


  • Key-lock function
  • NOAA weather alert
  • Drop protector
  • Flashlight
  • 38 privacy codes


  • Battery drains out quickly

6.      QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkies with FM

If you are tired of frequent battery replacements, this Qniglo transceiver is all you need to solve the problem. Since the radio installs rechargeable batteries, you won’t need to replace them. Besides, the radio has a large battery capacity utilizing which it offers 24-hour operating time and a standby time of 5 days.

The Qniglo walkie talkies can effortlessly join outdoor adventures as they come with a lanyard and watch band that allows wearing them conveniently. Whereas the radio can also play FM stations to entertain the kids when they are bored witless. Hence, this unit has all to keep the kids engaged, not to mention, they also feature 2 miles of transmission range and clear reception to perfect communications.


  • Charming design
  • Wearable
  • Flashes colorful lights
  • FM radios
  • Rechargeable


  • No VOX feature


All the walkie talkies mentioned in this article are constructed with colorful and portable designs to attract the kids. However, every product comes with a unique specialty. If you want your kids to experience the best transmissions, the Retevis unit with 22 channels is best to opt for at an affordable price range.

Whereas, if multiple bands are overwhelming for your child, Funtastik walkie talkies with limited options are the simplest to operate. On the contrary, rechargeable units like E-WOR and Qniglo walkie talkies are the right match for those annoyed with replacing batteries. 

In sum, every unit is best at its relative price range. But buying the one suitable for the age and interest of your kids is important to keep them engaged.