6 Icom Walkie Talkies You Should Buy

With a long experience of 50 years, Icom has emerged as a reliable brand when it comes to visiting far-flung areas. Their radio ranges are portable yet compatible with different environments which makes them a versatile brand. You can use the Icom walkie talkies while boating, flying or travelling without any doubts about its performance.

However, choosing which type of walkie talkie is suitable for your needs is the crux of the matter. To make things easier for you, we have hand-picked and explained the best Icom models available in the market:

1.     Icom IC-M25 Handheld Radio

Purpose: Marine

When it comes to manufacturing marine radios, Icom has grown undoubtedly by leaps and bounds. The IC-M25 is an epitome of how resourceful a marine radio can be. With the availability of multiple colors and a sleek design, this transmitter is best to take out on the sea. Also, this radio is one of the lightest units you can find in the market as it weighs 7.08 oz only, and has a compact built that fits comfortably in hands. 

This radio has a smart float ‘n flash feature which makes losing the radio an impossibility. In case you accidentally drop the radio in water, it won’t sink and will continue floating on top even with the microphone attached. To ensure that you locate your radio easily in the dark, the LCD, keypad and LED will start flashing lights instantly after the radio senses water. 

You can connect with any of the available 16 channels while the strong audio output of 550mW will play every message in a loud voice so you can hear even at noisy places. Since the radio powers by USB charging, you can use different electronic devices to charge your radio. And to keep you updated on the weather forecast, the radio contains weather channels as well. Hence, this radio has everything to assist you during sea voyages.

2.     Icom IC-F4001 Two Way Radio (UHF)

Purpose: Land mobile

Walkie talkies can provide for stable communication only when they contain powerful features. The most important of such features is the availability of channels. The Icom IC-F4001 with 16 UHF channels can offer you a smooth reception both indoors and outdoors, hence enabling you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Plus, the CTCSS/DCTS privacy tones guard your conversation from all possible interferences.

The transmit power of the radio is 4 Watts, this indicates that every RF signal emitted from your radio will have enough energy to transmit even at far distances. For better reception, the integrated internal speaker has an audio output of 800mW which secures that every message received has a crystal-clear voice. When engaged, you can enable the VOX function to continue transmitting in hands-free mode.

The radio installs a standard 1900 mAh Li-ion battery that has a capacity of about 14 hours. While moving, the antenna can be detached, and you can carry the radio easily by using the belt clip. This durable radio from Icom has the potential to be your favorite travel or work partner as it can resist water, dust and can work efficiently through beatings.

3.      Icom IC-A16 VHF Handheld Walkie Talkie

Purpose: Avionics

Made dedicatedly for the flight operations, this radio with a rugged built is all you need to carry during flights. The Icom IC-A16 can serve for establishing communication between the ground crew, for preflight coordination between the pilot and the tower or as a communication backup in aircraft.

The radio operates on a 2400 mAh battery that can last for about 17 hours. However, no need to worry in case you run out of battery, as the provided sit-in charger will recharge the radio rapidly. By using the integrated keypad, you can easily tune in the desired channel while the backlit LCD eases functioning by updating you about the radio’s status at a glance.

With a diverse range of channels available, you can easily find an active band to transmit. In case of an emergency, you can promptly connect on an emergency channel (121.5 MHz) by pressing the dedicated button. For loud and intelligible reception, you will find a high-grade speaker with 1500 mW of output. And the Bluetooth availability allows the hands-free transmissions.

4.      ICOM IC-M93D Handheld Radio with GPS & DSC

Purpose: Marine

This user-friendly marine radio is best for amateurs. With a large dot-matrix display, you can easily identify the icons to readily operate the walkie talkie. To help you in reading the display even under the scorching sun, a high-contrast LCD is built-in to the unit. One can keep a check on the distress channel and called channels simultaneously by activating the dual and tri-watch functions.

IC-M93D has a transmission power of 5W which means you can continue transmitting at wide distances without experiencing interferences. The integrated GNSS technology guides the user to the desired destination through proper navigation. You can also identify the current location of your boat which can help in making DCS calls.

One commonly encountered problem is muffled reception experienced when the radio is retrieved after sinking. To counter this, the AquaQuake feature works out by removing the water instantly from the speaker screen. The 1570 mAh battery will keep the radio working for 9 hours while the battery indicator will update you about the battery level.

5.      Icom IC-F1000 VHF Two-Way Radio

Purpose: Land mobile

F1000 is another Icom radio series suitable for commercial or domestic purposes. The walkie talkie has a compact built that secures a strong grip. You can buy the radio in three different models. The basic model has no LCD whereas the simple model comes with an LCD and plain keypad. To enjoy transmission at its fullest, you can also buy the model featuring LCD with a full DTMF keypad that eases modulation.

You can take the radio at industrial sites, skiing, hiking, camping or everywhere without any fear of losing connection with your group as the radio has a rugged frame that can withstand water or dust invasions. And while exploring remote areas, the radio affirms that you will never get disconnected from your group as the installed Li-ion battery can keep it operating for 14 hours.

The smart motion sensor featured on F1000 detects the motion of the radio and instantly sends emergency signals if needed. You can tune in from 16 to 128 channels depending upon the model bought. Lastly, long-range transmissions with clarity are possible with this unit having a power output of 5W for VHF bands and 4W for the UHF channels.

6.      Icom IC-A25C VHF Transceiver

Purpose: Avionics

In case of unavailability of cellphones, the Icom walkie talkies can be the appropriate alternative. They have an ultimate power output of 5W which enables the user to maintain seamless transmission for several miles. With 300 bands and weather channels availability, you will always stay connected and updated.

The large 2.3-inch LCD helps the user in operating from day till night. By enabling the Bluetooth function, you can share your pre-designed flight plans with the radio. Moreover, GPS activation can guide the pilots to the exact destination point.

There are other exciting features like CDI that alarms the user in case of deviation from the decided track. The OBS grants the pilots the option to alter the decided course. Whereas the 2350 mAh battery lasts longer than expected. Thus, this unit has a tendency to work progressively during long-haul flights.

The Icom Walkie Talkies – Our Verdict

Icom produces a wide range of radios not only for domestic purposes but also to meet professional-grade needs. From covering the sea to reaching out the sky, these walkie talkies have a transmission channel potent enough to serve everywhere.

Hence, if you are a sailor, pilot, manager, explorer or whatsoever, buy these portable and rugged sets of radios to make your voyages well-informed and interesting. Besides, these handy units are critically important as they will be the one keeping you connected with others.