An Insight Review of Beartooth Walkie Talkie

Got the chance to ski out on the slopes? Or in charge of managing a festival? The Beartooth walkie talkie has all to keep you active and engaged throughout the mission. This smart walkie talkie works by establishing a localized network among the connected units. This secures that even in remote areas where the cellphones fail, this walkie can provide you with a channel to talk, text or navigate.

Along with it, there are other interesting features added to the radio to keep you moving according to the plan. Read the full article to know about the key features we loved about Beartooth walkie talkies.  

8 Facts You Should Know About Beartooth Walkie Talkie

1.     The Sleek Built

Relying on a smartphone everywhere is wide of the mark as they are not reliable like walkie talkies. The Beartooth is a compact unit with dimensions of around 2.4 x 0.5 x 4 inches. Hence, it can fit easily in your pocket or baggage to carry around without increasing weight. Thanks to the light built of the device.

As for simplicity, only two buttons are integrated into the walkie talkie. The power and Bluetooth button are installed on top. You can also find a USB port and LED indicator in between these two buttons. The LED indicator flashes while starting or connecting the device. Nevertheless, the built is not as sturdy so be wary of dropping it on hard surfaces.

2.     Bluetooth Availability

The Bluetooth technology featured on Beartooth enhances compatibility. By enabling Bluetooth, you can connect with iOS, Android or other Beartooth walkie talkies. Once connected, the range of Bluetooth is quite strong, and you can establish stable communication at far distances. 

Also, modulating the device is not at all perplexing as you can make changes through your phone. The Beartooth app installed allows the user to view the list of connected people or merge contacts into groups to share messages. The maps feature updates about the shared and current locations. Hence, with no complex operating requirements, the Beartooth can be started to transmit right after buying.

3.     Premium Range

The transmission range of Beartooth is what makes it a definite choice. In open areas, you can establish communication for as far as 5 miles or can send a message to a friend 10 miles away. Such an immense transmission range grants the user the liberty to explore or roam around nature without losing connection.

In addition, the range with obstructions is considerably fair. You can communicate for 2 miles or send text messages at a distance of 4 miles. This high range is sufficient to assist you indoors while managing events or other difficult tasks.

4.     High Power Capacity

The Beartooth walkie talkie installs a 3000 mAh battery that has the potential to make your transmissions powerful. With 4 days of battery life, you can enjoy seamless transmissions for long. This in turn secures that you will not face unexpected disconnections when in remote areas.

However, if the battery runs out, the micro-USB port recharges the radio within 4 hours. Moreover, the unit works as a power bank and can charge the smartphone as well. Hence, with superior power capacity, you can rely on Beartooth miles from anywhere.

5.     Strong Power Output

With a strong battery comes high transmission power. The upgraded output power results in scattering the RF signals with higher strength. The Beartooth walkie talkie has a transmission power of 1W which ensures that your messages are delivered to everyone without statics. The high-power output also results in securing fast and stable communications. 

6.     Offline Maps

The availability of maps helps in locating a friend who went missing or to reach out to the desired location. You can also download the high-resolution maps available for free to continue navigating when offline. This feature helps in making your trips more explorable by guiding you to the right track along with updating what the other group mates are up to.

7.     Digital Transceiver

In the world full of analog walkie talkies, this digital transceiver by Beartooth deserves to be in the limelight. Digital radios work by transmitting messages in form of binary numbers. This smart conversion results in yielding a crisp clear voice with no interferences, unlike analog radios where distortions are generally encountered.

8.     Price

As for pricing, the Beartooth walkie talkies are on the higher end as compared to other walkie talkies. But you can get the product in a pack of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 units that will expand the connectivity and make the cost bearable for you by getting discounts.

In Sum – Beartooth Walkie Talkie


  • Digital walkie talkie (900 MHz)
  • Wide transmission range (5 miles in LOS)
  • Exclusive power capacity (3000 mAh battery)
  • High transmission output (1W)
  • Compatible with all smartphones (iOS & Android)


  • Highly expensive
  • Lacks battery indicator feature

Should You Buy the Beartooth Walkie Talkie?

The Beartooth walkie talkie with its innovative features has the tendency to fill your journeys with extra fun and enjoyment. Where the boosted transmission keeps you all connected, the offline maps featured ensures you explore around without missing a beat.

Although the price range is high, every penny you invest pays back in the shape of this tiny yet above par walkie talkie. However, as the device is not plenty rugged, carrying it carefully in rough terrains is necessary to avoid accidental damages.