Baofeng UV-82HP Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

Baofeng is renowned in the market because of their highly durable products. Their devices are sturdy enough to withstand the beatings and continue operating in the roughest situations. In this article we will look at Baofeng UV-82HP review, which is another addition in the list of these reliable radios.

But does this radio contain other key-features of a walkie talkie? Or is it a good match for long-range transmissions? Plus, can an amateur function it easily?

This article contains the answer to these and all other related questions in your mind…

Baofeng UV-82HP review

Baofeng UV-82HP – The Full Review

1.     The Transmission Range

Since the range of the radio is directly proportional to the power output, the Baofeng UV-82HP with its enhanced power has a lot to offer the consumers. The radio enables the user to transmit on three different power levels:

1.      By activating the Low Power Level, your radio will start transmitting at 1 Watt. This will radiate lower frequencies and you will be able to catch nearby networks. The transmission range for this level is about 25 miles with little to no interference.

2.      The Medium Power Level operates the radio at 5 Watts and hence you can maintain a static-free communication at farther distances.

3.      And ultimately the High-Power Level will deliver a power of 7/8 Watts to the antenna and hence, your radio can transmit at a range of about 50 miles which is exceptional!

However, you might encounter static while operating at wider distances.

2.     Dual Push-to-Talk (PTT) Button

While the other available two-way radios allow you to talk on a single channel, the Baofeng UV-82hp with its dual PTT button has broken the stereotypes. You will find this the PTT rocker button on the top left side of the device.

If you want to communicate on two different frequencies or channels, just push the PTT button toward up to talk on ‘Band A’ and push it down to start transmitting through ‘Band B’.

You can use this feature for scanning through channels, frequencies, CTCSS privacy codes or DTS tones. But one limitation to this feature is that you cannot hear from both channels at once as it’s a semi-duplex radio. 

Nevertheless, if you are comfortable with transmitting through a single band only, you can synchronize the PTT button as per your convenience.

3.     Programming

You can program the radio manually or by the help of a computer. The veteran operators can go with the manual programming option but for amateurs, connecting the radio to the computer would be suitable. 

For this, you will need to install the CHIRP software (free) on your computer. Connect the radio with the computer by a data cable and program it. In case you still have a problem, the manual contains all the relevant information. Just follow the guide scrupulously and you are all set to start transmitting.

4.     The Transceiver Quality

This radio has a solid casing with enlarged buttons as compared to its predecessor models. It can function smoothly at a temperature range of about -20°F to 120°F, which makes the radio compatible with different locations and climatic conditions.

The 1-Watt speaker installed delivers more power and hence, the receiver will hear a clear message every time. As for the transmitter, the updated antenna and battery sends out a signal with more power and efficiency.

Nevertheless, the receiver works best when you hold the antenna vertically in the air. This helps in catching more signals, resulting in finer reception.

5.     Channel Availability

The Baofeng UV-82HP comes with 128 pre-programmed channels. This assists the user to maintain a connection even in far-flung areas. Moreover, the computer software available for free will allow you to customize your channels list. You can scan, add, delete as well as rename the channels as per your liking.

6.     Frequency Range

This model of Baofeng supports both UHF and VHF frequencies. Hence, if you are managing an event outdoors the VHF frequencies will work out for you. On the contrary, for indoors, the UHF frequency will transmit through all obstacles around. This enhances the versatility of Baofeng UV-82HP.

The radio has VHF range of 136-174 MHz and a UHF range of 400-520 MHz due to its large power output. You can also switch between wideband (25 kHz) and narrowband (12.5 kHz), enabling you to start operating at the best available option. Besides, for clear reporting, 50 CTCSS and 105 DCS codes are added in the radio.

7.     The Display

Operating a radio with an in-built LCD is quite simpler than the one without any screen. As without one, you are not aware of the current status of your radio and you might end up getting out of signals or battery.

The Baofeng UV-82HP has a dot-matrix LCD with auxiliary icons representing multiple functions of radio. The screen will brief you about the battery status, power level, channel numbers, active bands and a lot more.

A status LED is also featured, the LED blinks red while transmitting and green while receiving a signal. In case your radio is running out of power, the backlight of the radio will start blinking periodically to alarm you before the battery runs out. These features, though not distinguishing, grants the user an upgraded simplicity.

8.     Extra Features

The radio has an in-built LED flashlight with a reflector and lens to assist the users at night or dark sites. The VOX feature enables the user to transmit in hands-free mode. And the automatic keypad lock function will lock the keypad when the radio is left unused for 8 seconds.

Moreover, the removable antenna, belt clip, desktop charger and a lot more featured on this radio makes it a competitive device in the market.

Baofeng UV-82HP – In a Nutshell


  • Comparatively cost-effective
  • Both manual and computer programming enabled 
  • Enhanced power output renders high transmission range
  • High battery-capacity
  • A super-rugged radio


  • You cannot hear from two channels simultaneously 
  • The radio needs to be restarted to switch from channel to frequency.

The Verdict – Should You Buy Baofeng UV-82hp?

Baofeng UV-82HP has the potential to be an exclusive addition in your collection of two-way radios. The high transmission range, durable design and simplicity of this device can make your connections stable and strong.

However, the quality of the antenna is not up to the par and you might face interference while transmitting. But this problem can be solved by replacing the antenna with a better one.

Other than that, if you are looking for a reliable yet cost-effective radio, this model of Baofeng is the best out there. Whether you want to take the radio at a commercial site or carry it out for travelling, this handy device is suitable for all applications.