Do Police Still Use Walkie Talkies?

Walkie talkies may sometimes seem like outdated technology but the truth is that they’re still widely used, especially by the police. The reason why walkie talkies are indispensable to the police is that, first and foremost, mobile phones do not have adjustable coverage. Sometimes cell phone coverage can weaken from one part of a city to another, which isn’t ideal if you have to stay alert about emergency situations. Also, it’s easier and much safer to operate a walkie talkie while driving.

Walkie talkies are better for mass communication too. High-end walkie talkie systems have hundreds of channels that allow policemen on patrol to keep in touch with each other and the dispatcher at all times. 

What Walkie Talkies Do The Police Use?

The walkie talkies used by the police have evolved over time. Back in the 1930s, walkie talkies were bulky; not quite the portable hand-held things that we have today. Also, radio transmission wasn’t exactly perfect back in the day. Communication between headquarters and patrolmen were possible but only one radio frequency could be used by each patrol car or officer. Therefore it was not possible to relay messages simultaneously to all the patrol cars in the precinct, which made it hard to coordinate responses to big emergencies.

The police, here in the US, use Motorola walkie talkies. This is mainly because the relationship between the company and the US government go way back. In fact, Motorola has a separate arm which exists to provide powerful devices to the different government agencies.

It wouldn’t be easy to switch to another brand altogether because police walkie talkies need to have special custom features which the manufacturer must be willing to add. Also, Motorola devices are so heavily integrated into police radio communication that it would be enormously troublesome to even phase out a transition to another brand due to compatibility issues.

To sum it up, the police still do use walkie talkies as they are indispensable due to their flexible coverage and facilitation of mass communication. Motorola walkie talkies are preferred by the US police because they deliver all of the required custom features and have a great relationship with the government.

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