5 Best Girl Walkie Talkies in the Market

In this age of innovations, communication is not a problem but buying a cellphone for your children may not be the best idea. In contrast, a girl walkie talkie is an option worth considering. 

These simple radios enable the kids to play treasure hunts or adventurous games while camping  and even let them pretend like they’re spies. This is why if you are thinking of purchasing a girl walkie talkie, then there are a couple of factors to consider.

Are there any privacy codes with the radio channels? Do they transmit on long ranges?  and Is there a flashlight to guide through the dark? These are some of the questions you should inquire about before buying a walkie talkie.

To make your search simpler, the following guide contains the best walkie talkies out there particularly for girls or even boys, so let’s dive into it. 

1.     Dillis Girl Walkie Talkie – Pink

DilissToys girl walkie talkie

With this walkie talkie, keeping a check on your kids while they play away from home is not a problem. The Dillis radio offers high sound quality, adjustable volume options and the squelch function to improve the transmission experience for as far as 5km.

The communication is made strong with 22 FRS and GMRS channels guarded by 121 privacy codes. In the market, there are plenty of radios with complex functioning but these Dillis walkie talkies are made simpler by labelling the buttons, backlit display and bright flashlight so the kids could play and explore around even at night or dingy places. 

The product is backed by manifold quality and safety certifications assuring that it is safe for the environment and the children as well. In case of any complaints, the manufacturers also offer a 100% money-back-guarantee hence, every penny you invest is in safe hands.

2.     QINGLO Rechargeable Walkie Talkies – Pink & Green

These rechargeable FM walkie talkies can serve perfectly for playing, hiking, camping or running. The best part of this device is its battery capacity. It can continue transmitting for as long as 24 hours and the battery can stand-by for 5 days.

For transmission range, these walkie talkies can perform well for a distance of about 2 miles. These transmitters resembling a kitty are made amusing for children in various ways. The eyes of the kitty sparkle every time the PTT button is pressed. Moreover, the radio can be worn in hand like a watch or around the neck which helps carrying it along.

Be it a birthday, Christmas or any other event, these walkie talkies can prove to be the best gift for both girls and boys. And if you are dissatisfied by the radio’s functioning, they offer a 45 days money-back-guarantee so you can easily return or exchange the device.

3.     WANFEI Walkie Talkies for Kids

This rose color walkie talkie has the potential to be your adventurous kid’s favorite toy. The WANFEI radio has 22 channels while each one is encoded in 38 privacy codes for secure and stable transmission. The communication range is up to 3 Km. At noisy places, the message is delivered clearly by an automatic muffler that suppresses the background voices. 

For simplicity, the button lock function is featured to help your kid in operating the radio and the VOX function supports communication without even holding the device. A flashlight is featured to assist a clear vision at dark spots or night. Plus, a cord is also attached to carry the radio easily.

For power, each of the walkie talkies run on 8 AAA batteries. The radio automatically activates power-saving mode in case of inactivity. And to save you from unexpected shutdowns, the low-battery alert feature is built-in.

4.     Retevis RT-388 Walkie Talkies for Boys and Girls

These durable and portable walkie talkies are best for kids playing indoors or outdoors. The Retevis two-way radio has 22 channels and a range of about 8000 feet to stabilize the communication. By pushing the menu button for long, you can lock the radio on the same channel as yours to keep a check on children while they play outdoors.

The VOX feature enables the child to activate the hands-free mode and talk without holding the radio. To add more fun in this handy device, a flashlight is featured so the kids can play even in the dark.

Moreover, the device comes in multiple color options so you can buy them for both boys and girls. This walkie talkie is suitable for kids (above 3-years) and your aged parents as well to make sure they don’t need anything while you are away.

5.     eKids Disney Frozen Walkie Talkies

These interesting themed FRS walkie talkies are best for Frozen fans. The device is simple to use as there are only two options featured on it. By pushing the talk button your kid can communicate with anyone at a far distance. And the adjustable volume option is for a better communicating experience.

For operating them, 8 AAA batteries are required which lasts for a long time. The device is best for kids of 4 to 15 years of age.  

However, some of the users have complained about interference while communicating. But overall, the radio is unique in appearance and can spare you some extra time while your kids play around imitating Elsa and Anna. 

The Top 5 Girl Walkie Talkies in the Market – Which one is the Best?

When buying a walkie talkie for your kids, knowing about its transmission range, durability and portability are important but that doesn’t mean it’s visual appearance doesn’t matter. A dull-looking radio won’t attract the children and you will consequently end up wasting your money.

The above mentioned 5 girl walkie talkies are best for both in terms of appearance as well as other critical features. Also, by buying them, your kids will find an interesting toy to play and you will easily get to know about what they are up to.