6 Kenwood Walkie Talkies you should Know About

Walkie talkies have become crucially important in several areas. From individual work to handling large-scale franchises tasks, the walkie talkies have the potential to meet the needs of them all. Consequently, observing their high demand in the market, several companies including Kenwood have manufactured different models of walkie talkies. Let’s talk about Kenwood Walkie Talkie

But are the Kenwood radios as rugged as a walkie talkie should be? Or have they succeeded to offer their users a stable communication channel? The article answers these questions by analyzing 6 of the best Kenwood walkie talkies:

1.     Kenwood TK-3230DX Two Way Radio

Kenwood Walkie Talkie

A reliable communication channel is the first thing your walkie talkie should offer. To meet the criteria, Kenwood TK-3230DX offers a transmission range of about 15 miles or up to 17 floors. This enables the user to communicate at wider distances without caring about any distortions in transmission. And since the radio is compatible with Kenwood and FCC certified radios, you can continue transmitting without any restrictions.

There are 6 FCC channels and 99 programmable frequencies in the radio to ensure you are never out of communication. The radio tunes in UHF frequencies which can transmit at both indoors and outdoors. And to guard your messages, the walkie talkie contains 186 digital privacy tones. 

The radio is portable as well as waterproof and dustproof. Thus, carrying the radio anywhere would not cause any harm to it. The rechargeable 2,000 mAh battery increases the power capacity of this device. And the 10 call alert tones inform the user if there is any message coming by.

2.     Kenwood TK-3402U16P Two Way Radio

Going camping? A sturdy walkie talkie might be the best match for you. The Kenwood walkie talkie has a robust body that can resist water as well as dust. Not only that, but the radio can also function smoothly at extreme temperature (-22°F to 140°F). So, take it to ski on a frosty winter day or to explore a burning hot desert, the radio will function perfectly everywhere.

The walkie talkie can continue transmitting for up to 18 hours due to the installed 2000 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Also, the battery saver and low battery alert functions in the radio keep you informed of the battery level. However, if the charging runs out, the drop-in charger will recharge it rapidly.  

The 16 pre-programmed UHF channels in the radio guarantee strong communication. The range of walkie talkie is about 7 miles or 33 floors. And the 207 Quiet Talk Codes prevent interference to deliver a clear message. Besides, there is a VOX feature, multiple call tones, super lock and a lot more that make the device an absolute choice.  

3.     Kenwood PKT-23 Portable Radio

This simple and portable device is suitable for retail, hotel or security purposes. The device weighs 3.9 ounces only and hence is easy to carry. As for power capacity, the walkie talkies can continue operating for about 15 hours due to the installed Li-ion battery.

The 4 channels and 99 frequencies pre-programmed on the radio ensures that you always have an active channel to continue transmitting. Whereas, the 39 Quiet Talk Codes and 168 Digital Quiet Talk Codes counters all the interferences and distortions.

An enhanced Kenwood audio system is built-in the walkie talkie to make sure the message you receive is heard with clarity. The VOX, bell tone alert and voice announcement features are also there to make it a user-friendly device. However, the radio is not highly durable which makes it unsuitable for industrial works.

4.     Kenwood TK-2400V16P 2-Way Radio

This Kenwood walkie talkie is the best match for industrial and commercial work. It can bear accidental drops and can resist water or dust intrusion. Reporting at noisy sites is not a problem with this radio as its sound optimization feature will ensure that the message is delivered with clarity.

The walkie talkie comes with 16 channels and 27 VHF frequencies ensuring that you always have a stable channel to tune in. And while you communicate, the 122 Quick Talk Codes will guard your reporting, hence, reducing distortions to the minimum. Also, the transmission range of this radio is up to 6 miles, this allows you to continue reporting even at long distances.

Furthermore, the power capacity of the radio increases to 22 hours by installing the Li-ion battery. The 10 alert tones ring the receiver whenever a message is transmitted, guaranteeing that every message you sent is not left unheard. Since the radio is compatible with both analog and digital signals, you can switch between any of the available options as per your convenience.

5.     Kenwood NX-P1302AUK Two-Way Radio

The Kenwood NX-P1302AUK is suitable for all environments. As the radio has cleared the dust and water intrusion tests and has met the environmental standards, it is capable of delivering the transmission services even in the roughest situations. 

Also, you can transmit easily by scanning through 16 of the available UHF channels in open as well as packed areas. The call alert function will make sure that your partner promptly hears your message in case of an emergency. And for simplicity, you can lock the radio on a single channel by using the button lock feature.

The radio is also compatible with both analog and digital networks. The LED indicator on top informs the user about the status of the radio by blinking in 7 different colors. Lastly, in case you get tired of holding your walkie talkie, you can activate the VOX/eVOX feature for switching into the hands-free mode.

6.     Kenwood NX-240V16P Portable Radio

This radio also comes with 16 channels and is compatible with both digital and analog signals. This feature offers you the versatility to either transmit through analog (FM or NXDN) networks or switch to the digital (151-159 MHz) frequencies.

The radio is also durable and can be utilized for different tasks. By using the mechanical knob featured on top, you can instantly tune-in the active channel which makes the programming simpler. The 4 color LED indicator informs you about the status of the device and a 1W speaker ensures that all transmissions are done in a crystal-clear voice.

Are Kenwood Walkie Talkies Good Enough?

Your walkie talkie should be durable along with providing a reliable communication means. The Kenwood radios have successfully passed this quality test by offering a range of rugged radios that can continue transmitting even in the roughest conditions.

However, as the model changes, the features of the walkie talkie alter as well. Therefore, we have explained the different features of the top radios of Kenwood. The guide will help you to find out which model of Kenwood walkie talkie is suitable for you.