NCEdCloud Account

NCEdCloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service provides a reliable way to combine several Ed Tech platforms with a single sign-on. It is estimated that an average K-12 student in North Carolina works with 4-6 accounts for their learning resources. Teachers have to work with a lot more accounts.

So, something like NCEdCloud that combines several platforms with a single sign-on makes things very convenient for teachers and students alike. 

Users can access and manage their account at However, those who are new first need to claim an account with the system. This applies to students, teachers, and administrators.

Here are the steps to follow to claim your NCEdCloud account:

  • Visit or click here
  • As the new screen opens, find and click on the “Claim My Account” button
  • At the next screen, you’ll have to choose the appropriate category (student, employee, parent/guardian)
  • Depending on the chosen category, the information required will change. There are four steps to complete before you claim your account
  • For students, the commonly asked information is birth date, school code, and UID
  • You’ll also be asked to set secret questions in case you forget your password
  • Once all requirements are complete, you will see the success screen letting you know that the NCEdCloud account has been claimed. 

In case you run into problems or need to re-enter some information, click on the “Start Over” button to start the process again. 

This keeps the overall process flexible, while also affording some simplicity.

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