Our Top Picks for Best Walkie Talkie 3 Pack

In the market, you can find walkie talkie 3 pack, 6 pack, or even a pack of 12. These two-way radios available in bundles offer manifold benefits. The most important of such advantages is saving money. Radios available in packages are fairly low in comparison to the single ones.

Another advantage is compatibility. By buying radios of the same brand, you can start transmitting without any limitations. Understanding the modulation of different radios would exhaust more time than getting your hands on a single model. Moreover, with all radios of the same features, you can maintain a stronger connection.

Thence, owing to the benefits accompanying the bundles of radios, we have selected the following most liked walkie talkies offered in a pack of 3: 

1.      Motorola T260TP Talkabout Radio

Best for: Adults

The Motorola T260TP features 22 UHF channels with 121 privacy codes to offer the best transmission experience. With up to 2,662 combinations available, you can easily transmit through an active band with little to no interference. Whether you are managing an event or planning to go out hiking, remaining aware of weather forecasts can save you from unforeseen challenges. Understanding this criticality, the Motorola T260TP comes with 11 weather bands so you can check out weather updates at all points.

Also, as the radio tunes in UHF frequency, you can enjoy seamless transmissions both indoors and outdoors. Finding an active channel is made hassle-free by providing a scanning feature that will efficiently perform the searching task for you. Limitless compatibility is another key-factor of the Motorola walkie talkie. You can communicate with any other FRS/GMRS radio without any restriction of the manufacturing brands.

The radio powers on both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Hence, you can use the NiMH batteries with 10 hours capacity when indoors. Or the AA batteries with 29 hours capacity when outdoors. Although the radio is compact and durable, try to keep it away from water as it is not resistant to it.

2.     Felicigeely Long Range Walkie Talkies for Boys and Girls

Best for: Kids

Kids do not tend to learn or develop an interest in operating a complex radio. Rather, they would prefer a plain radio like the Felicigeely walkie talkie that contains limited yet interesting options. Each button is labelled with its relative function for easy learning. An integrated backlit LCD also helps in guiding the kids about the current channel, volume, CTCSS tones, battery level and a lot.

However, for the sake of simplicity, the transmission quality is not compromised. The radios are granted exclusive access to 22 channels so the kids will always find an active band to connect. The availability of 99 CTCSS tones and auto squelch function secures clear receptions. Your kids can also enable the VOX function to continue playing while the radio transmits in hands-free mode.

In case you want to keep a check on your kids, keep one of the radios with yourself and activate the lock function. This will secure the walkie talkie on the same channel by locking the keypad. The built-in flashlight illuminates the dark sites for kids. Moreover, the radio has a lightweight colorful built with a belt clip that assists mobility. However, you will require frequent battery replacement as the radio drains battery at a faster pace.

3.     Midland gxt1000vp4 GMRS Long Range Walkie Talkie

Best for: Adults

Those searching for a quality radio, the Midland gxt1000vp4 is all set to knock your socks off with its fancy features. With a premium availability of 50 GMRS channels and 3,124 combinations, one can wonder how crisp and clear the transmission quality would be. Whereas finding the most active band among the available options is not the case of this walkie talkie. The channel scan feature has taken the burden off by automatically tuning in the active band.

Not only the radio scans through the transmission channels but also pulls in the 10 NOAA weather stations to update you about the weather forecasts. You will also be alarmed by the NOAA weather alert in case there is a weather threat for your area. These reliable transmission features keep you well-informed as well as connected with others when all other network resources run out.

Although the transmission range claimed is 36 miles, the actual range lowers when transmitting at hindered locations. Nevertheless, you can establish communication with other FRS and GMRS radios. These radios are the best match for rovers as they can perform well through beatings and can resist splashes of water. Also, powering them is not a problem as you can install both rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries as per the situation.

4.     Retevis H-777 Rechargeable Walkie Talkies 

Best for: Both kids and adults

One frequently faced problem while venturing off the beaten track is losing connectivity. The walkie talkies then work out for providing a stable communication channel. However, these perks are enjoyed only if your radio has a strong battery capacity. The Retevis H-777 has an installed Li-ion battery that can power the radio for around 8-9 hours. You can recharge the radio either from the mains or from your phone, laptop or car’s battery when out of power supply.

To withstand the wear and tear faced while travelling or working, the radio installs an upgraded antenna, battery latch and a belt clip. All the updated components are rugged enough to work through minor beatings. However, Retevis still needs to work on the durability of their products to make them completely flawless. 

The featured emergency alarm and flashlight ensure that your mates rescue you immediately when in a crisis. With the available 16 channels, you can easily switch to the most active band to establish a stable connection. The radios come with a preset frequency so you can start transmitting right after buying without requiring any modulation. Hence, with limited functions, the radio is easy to operate for both kids and adults.

5.      Obuby Walkie Talkies with 3 KMs Range

Best for: Kids

Made for kids of age 3-12 years, the Obuby walkie talkie can be your child’s favorite gadget mainly because of its designing. The radios have 3 bright colors and an attractive look that can grab the attention of the children. With a backlit LCD and a few easy-to-understand operating keys, the kids can promptly start transmitting through the unit right after buying.

For clear transmissions, you will find 22 channels with 99 privacy codes. This secures your communication on an active frequency with minimized distortions. The availability of vast channel combinations also guarantees that a stranger won’t get a chance to communicate with your kids. And with the wide 3 miles transmission range, there’s no need to worry about losing connection while your kids play outdoors.

By activating the VOX feature, the transmission can be carried out in hands-free mode. To play at night or in dark spots, the radio has an integrated flashlight. The keypad lock assists in securing the radio at a specific channel. The auto squelch feature allows communication in noisy places by suppressing the background voices. However, the transmission range is not as good as promised but for small distances, your kids would love to play around with these handy radios.

Which one is the Best Fit for You?

Not all the walkie talkies can match your expectations. If you want to buy a walkie talkie to play with your kids, buying a plain and colorful unit would be the right choice. The Felicigeely pack of 3 walkie talkies are an inexpensive yet reliable option to buy for toddlers.

Likewise, for adults, a radio with maximum transmission capability would be ideal. The Midland’s walkie talkie is our favorite for offering connectivity with clarity. But if you are on a tight budget, the Motorola’s pack of walkie talkies is a prime alternative option.

Nonetheless, all mentioned two-way radios have a strong backup of positive consumer reviews. Buying any of them will cut corners for you while the quality is a definite guarantee for all of them.