Retevis H-777 Review: Budget Option For Reliable Short Distance Communication

Convenient and well-priced, the Retevis H-777 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkies are a popular choice. The walkie talkie is fairly well-regarded, though it does have some small problems. For our Retevis H-777 review, let’s take a look at what works and what doesn’t. Though it is a budget option, let’s see how much value does this device actually offer.

Retevis H-777 Pros And Cons

Retevis H-777 Review - Full Package


  • Very well-priced budget walkie talkie
  • Clear audio quality
  • Easy to program
  • Easy to operate
  • Convenient for small distance and indoor use


  • The included headset is inconvenient
  • The range isn’t well suited for outdoor or long-distance use

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Retevis H-777 Notable Features And Qualities

Availability And Build Quality

Retevis H-777 is most commonly available as a 5-pack. That includes 5 walkie talkies, each with its own charging cradle (but no adapter), antenna, earpiece, and battery pack. There is no programming cable! There is a good chance you are going to need it, so consider purchasing one along with the walkie talkie. Considering the overall budget pricing, the quality of these items becomes suspect.

I wouldn’t put too much stock thinking in that direction. The components are all functional and there isn’t much cause for concern. The problem part is the build quality. While the Retevis H-777 appears to be wrapped in a solid plastic casing, it isn’t one that will take dings and falls with grace. Similarly, the belt clip doesn’t inspire confidence, although it does hold up pretty well in commissioning its duty.

Another thing that stands out is the earpiece. It looks pretty cool, and for that, it deserves some points. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty uncomfortable to use. So we’re going to cancel out those points, and maybe take out some more points. In fact, if you intend to use the headset, get an aftermarket piece.

Battery And Charging

Power for the walkie talkie comes from a 1000 mAh Li-ion battery. Place the H-777 on its charging dock, and give it a few hours. A full charge lasts about 9 hours, and the standby time is 72 hours. According to Retevis, just 3-4 hours of charging gets the device enough juice to run for 5-9 hours. I’ll put that number closer to 5 hours, but yeah, it’s still pretty useful. 

The device also supports USB charging, and I find it far more convenient than the charging cradle/dock. A low battery alarm lets you know when it is time to take your device to the charger.

Operating voltage for the walkie talkie is 3.7V and the wattage maxes out at 5W. Power output usually stays lower than 5W.

Retevis H-777 In-Use Review

Programming And Setup

Since the Retevis H-777 has no screen, setting it up has to be handled by utilizing a computer software. The software is freely available, though the programming cable needs to be purchased separately.

Apart from conventional setup, you can also use the software to change the transmit/receive frequency of the walkie talkie. This comes in especially handy if you are not licensed to use the default frequency for the H-777.

Thankfully, the software is easy to use and manage. It balances well between advanced-users who want more options and novice users who just want to get their walkie talkie running.

Communication And Range Of the Retevis H-777

The audio quality for the Retevis H-777 walkie talkie is pretty good. The audio is clear, and the sound is transmitted conveniently. And yes, the cool-looking earpiece is inconvenient for use over any longer period of time. 

Retevis presents it as a long-range walkie talkie. That, it is not. Rather than trying to use it over long distances covering miles, consider using it over small distances. It is fairly good for indoor use, like around a house or an office. If you prefer using it outdoors, perhaps it can be used around the campsite. 

It is unlikely to work well in outdoor situations where there is a distance of several miles between the users. Unless all you want to hear is static, this is not the walkie talkie you want to take along hiking or fishing.

It is worth noting that the range depends on several factors, including the presence of objects and obstacles. Any amount of these variables can change your range. This is especially true for indoor use, where there will be walls and objects all around. Yet, because of the smaller expected distance for communication, you can expect the Retevis H-777 to work better indoors than it does outdoors.

Frequency And Other Features

Retevis H-777 works in the UHF frequencies of 400-470 MHz. Frequencies for the 16-channel radio are programmable, so be sure to move them to legal/licensed frequencies if necessary. 

Other notable features include a flashlight. It can be fairly convenient at times. It isn’t very bright, but the flashlight can be considered fairly adequate. 

The walkie talkie also has a vox function and emergency alarm. A monitor function can be used to keep track of the current channel, making communication easier.

Retevis H-777 Review — Sizing It Up

As a budget device, the Retevis H-777 offers plenty of features. The audio quality is good, and the battery backup is acceptable. While it does disappoint in long-range communication, it works exceedingly well as a small-range, indoor use walkie talkie. There are limited functions on offer and this is a no-frills budget device. Programming the device is relatively easy, though that can, in part, be attributed to the small number of functions available. To sum up the Retevis H-777 review, this is a cheap walkie talkie that is best utilized for indoor, or small-distance use.

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