Satellite Walkie Talkie

While long-range walkie talkies and two-way radios aren’t replacements for phones, they’re certainly a better option in a number of scenarios. For example, if you want to monitor your baby from another room, a walkie talkie is a cheap and effective way to do it. When you’re out trekking through remote locations, a long-range two-way radio may be your way to get in touch with someone from the outside world.

Also, if you’re involved in warehousing, film production, event organization and so on, walkie talkies can help to relay messages to a large crew in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Plus, overall, walkie talkies allow for a much simpler, streamlined way of communication.

The biggest downside of walkie talkies is that they don’t have the coverage that cell phones do. You have the ability to connect with people all across the world, especially now that wi-fi is becoming a widespread thing. Even the longest-range walkie talkies barely give you a range of 50 kilometres, provided that there are minimum obstructions in the way, such as buildings.

Satellite Phones

But what if you could combine the range of a phone with the ease of use, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of a walkie talkie? That’s exactly what satellite phones are. Satellite phones like the Iridium 9575 Push-To-Talk (PTT) Satellite Phone make use of geostationary satellites that orbit the earth to send and receive radio transmissions, helping you reach people from all across the world. In fact, they give you better coverage than a cell phone!

Here are some of the advantages that satellite phones have over regular mobiles:

  • They’re built for harsh conditions. Satellite phones can typically survive extreme temperatures and most are even waterproof.
  • While cellular networks cover only about 10% of the earth’s surface, satellite phones have a much bigger range. Hence, if you’re travelling to very remote locations, it’s better to have a satellite phone with you.
  • With most satellite phone services, you won’t need to have expensive international rates when you’re abroad.

While cell phones are useful for day-to-day communication, there are times when walkie talkies can be quite indispensable. If you combine the coverage of a cell phone with the convenient functionality of a walkie talkie, you get a satellite phone: the best of both worlds.

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