The Best Beach Radios You Should Consider Buying

Want to make your trip to the beach more enjoyable? Finding and buying the best beach radios can result in boosting the fun you can have by playing your favorite music or the desirable AM/FM stations. On the contrary, a cheap radio can lead to ruining your whole trip.

Therefore, to prevent such events from happening, one should check the unit’s key factors before buying. Radio for the beach should have a strong battery life that can last for several hours. Also, you cannot carry a bulky unit at the beach. A compact yet durable model enhances portability along with longevity.

Rich and fine sound quality are also among the top requirements for a radio. Other than that, upgraded connectivity, Bluetooth availability, AUX jack are some of the other points to consider.

Does this all sound overwhelming? Well, there is no need to worry as we have picked out these 6 radios that are the perfect epitome of what the best beach radios should be like.  

1.     Panasonic Rf-2400D AM/FM Radio

This portable yet sturdy radio is best suited to take out on warm beach mornings. With a large AM/FM dial and an illuminated channel indicator, you can easily switch to a desirable station. Whereas to pull in the bands efficiently, a ferrite AM and telescopic FM antenna is built-in to the unit.

With Panasonic RF-2400D you can enjoy music in rich sound quality as there is a large 4 cm speaker installed in it. By using the provided earphone jack, you can enjoy crisp-clear broadcasts even at noisy places. Moreover, powering the radio is not a problem as 4 AA batteries are all you need to keep it functioning.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Headphone jack
  • Ferrite AM antenna
  • Works on both AC supply or AA batteries


  • No digital tuning 

2.      Sangean PR-D7 AM/FM Digital Rechargeable Radio

Manually tuning the frequencies gets frustrating at times. Sangean PR-D7 has found a solution to it by featuring a digital tuning system. By using this function, one can easily scan and stick to the desirable bands. Whereas the unit also has a smart memory that can remember 10 favorite stations of yours.

The LCD installed assists the user in viewing the status of the radio at a glance. Furthermore, it can be operated by either plugging in the mains or using the set of AA rechargeable batteries. You can also charge the AA batteries at home by AC supply. This secures that the radio will receive powerful broadcasts whenever you plan to hit the road.


  • Easy to use
  • Sleep timer
  • Auto scanning
  • 10 preset bands


  • Does not support stereo headphones

3.      HB Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Radio

Radio for the beach should be sturdy as well as water-resistant. This model of HB has an IPX7 rating which denotes perfectly that the radio loves water as much as you do and it’s not going to malfunction even if submerged for 30 minutes. In addition, the unit is dustproof and shockproof which makes it a perfect partner for hiking, skiing, camping or whatnot. 

The HB radio has 4.0 Bluetooth technology which allows connecting cellphones and other Bluetooth devices to it. Also, a wide 24ft range enables the user to take calls or listen to music from the radio while securing their phones away from water. Moreover, the long battery life, multi-colored LED, 5W output speakers and a lot make this unit a definite choice for beaches.


  • Waterproof
  • 6 hours playback time
  • Robust
  • High sound quality


  • Takes long to recharge

4.      Vondior Battery Operated Pocket Radio

This pocket-size radio with a powerful sound system can fit everywhere to be a part of your trips. As the unit operates on AA batteries and has a long battery life, power unavailability cannot stop you from listening to broadcasts. Also, the lightweight does not signify its fragility, and one can rightly tell how sturdy the unit is just by holding it.

By using the tuning dial, you can easily switch to the active AM or FM frequencies. Meanwhile, the large speaker built-in will take care of rendering a high sound quality experience. However, if you want to further enhance the listening experience, connect headphones to the port and enjoy clearer transmissions.


  • Good quality antenna
  • AM/FM switch
  • Long battery life
  • Pocket size


  • The sound might be low for outdoor listening

5.      Sony ICF-P36 Portable AM/FM Radio

While traveling, the durability of the radio is of great concern as it may undergo rough handling. The Sony ICF-P36 has a glossy plastic casing that gives the radio a sleek look along with securing its longevity. Besides, the hand-strap availability assists in carrying it easily while on the move.

To play AM/FM broadcasts for long hours, the Sony ICF-P36 requires only 2 AA batteries. And to ensure you have an excellent listening experience, a high-grade speaker with 100 mW output power is installed in it. Also, a dedicated headphone jack is built-in whereby you can enjoy soundtracks personally or with clarity at noisy locations.


  • Built-in AM/FM bands tuner
  • Super portable
  • Battery status indicator
  • Headphone socket


  • Does not install a rechargeable battery

6.      Avantree SP850 Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

If you love listening to music, this radio with its amazing sound quality can be the perfect fit. The Avantree SP850 operates on three different modes that expand its versatility. By activating the Bluetooth mode, one can connect phones to the radio. Plus, the SD card and AUX mode further assist in sharing your favorite playlists.

The radio also gives the user an option to tune in stations either automatically or manually as per their choice. And to serve you with crisp audio quality, there are natural, pop, soft, jazz and other music tones available on it. To operate the unit, Li-ion rechargeable batteries are installed that have a long 6-hour battery life.  


  • Strong connectivity
  • Manual/Auto scanning
  • Lightweight
  • 6 equalizer modes


  • Complex operating

Why Should you Buy a Beach Radio?

A contemporary, bulky and complex radio is not suitable for carrying outdoors. Instead, the beach radios with a packed and stylish design are best as they don’t acquire much of the space. Also, they have simple operating and advanced features that allow you to chill out and enjoy the time at the beach in full swing.

By buying any of the beach radios mentioned in this guide, you are certainly going to experience these and many other outstanding features.