The Best DMR Radios for 2021

The Digital Mobile Radio system was launched with the aim of countering transmission errors as well as the programming complexity of walkie talkies. Though the analog units have been upgraded, they still cannot offer you the same features available on the best DMR radios. Widespread coverage, crisp & clear sound, extended battery life, upgraded privacy and a lot makes them a better option than analog units.

However, to enjoy these premium features, you must invest a pretty penny. Hence, before investing, taking care of a few key points is important to prevent wasting money.

But if you are short on time, reading this article is enough to find the best match. Considering the quality-control features, we have selected and reviewed the following DMR radios that can offer a long-term excellent transmission experience. 

1.     BTECH DMR-6X2 7-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio

This DMR radio with a simplistic operating mechanism but professional-grade features is best for both amateurs and veterans. The radio has a large TFT display and keypad that enables efficient functioning. Moreover, to prevent eye strain, the display has day and night modes.

Since BTECH DMR-6X2 has a large memory capacity, you can store 4000 bands as well as 10,000 talk-groups in it. And in case you still want to tune a new band, the Adhoc function allows you to do so by simply pressing the 0 button on the keypad.

While on the move, remaining on track is crucial. For this, the installed GPS technology with APRS allows the user to receive real-time updates about location, weather etc. As for power capacity, you can expand the operating time of the radio to around 35 hours by installing a 3100 mAh battery.


  • Can store 200,000 contacts
  • 7/6W output power for VHF/UHF
  • Adjustable power modes
  • Simple programming by using free software
  • Installs a loud 1W speaker


  • Not waterproof

2.  AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus Bluetooth Radio

When going outdoors, power unavailability is a possible case scenario. Therefore, a DMR radio should have a long battery life along with providing seamless transmissions. To meet this need, the Anytone AT-D878UV comes with a 3100 mAh battery that can last for as long as 35 hours.

Operating AnyTone AT-D878UV is a breeze due to the integrated keypad and display. But if you are confused about the functioning of any feature, the course available on BridgeCom university can guide. This course includes tutorials, streams as well as detailed guides to make the programming simpler for users in all possible manners.

Since the radio has an output power of 6W for UHF and 7W for VHF, one can rightly estimate how far their transmissions can reach and how clear receptions they are going to experience. Plus, with a memory capacity of 200k contacts, you can switch to the desirable band or talk-group with a few clicks.  


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Adjustable display
  • Monitors two bands simultaneously
  • Can transmit on different power levels
  • APRS supported


  • Radio’s performance is inconsistent at a maximum power output

3.  Baofeng DM-1701 DMR/Analog Two-Way Radio

This dual-band radio allows the user to freely connect and communicate with other analog or digital units. Depending on the situation, you can switch the radio to transmit on 1W,2W or 6W output power. Adjusting the power levels assists in securing long-range transmissions along with the battery life.

Owing to the lightweight and sturdy construction of the Baofeng DM-1701, one can carry it easily on different terrains. Whereas the power unavailability is not going to hinder your seamless communications as the installed 2000 mAh battery can last for around 18 hours.

DM-1701 has an upgraded memory that can remember 3,000 channels and 120,000 contacts so you won’t need to program your favorite stations every time the radio is restarted. Also, to assist programming, the radio comes with a programming cable that connects it to the PC from where you can customize easily.        


  • Dual band
  • 120k contacts storage capacity
  • SMS function
  • Durable
  • 1.77” bright display


  • Complex operating

4.  Radioddity GD-77 DMR Dual Band Two-Way Radio

Looking for a radio that can secure crystal-clear transmissions at wide ranges? Search no more as Radioddity GD-77 has equipped all essentials to perfect wireless communications. You can establish indoors as well as outdoors connections by dint of UHF and VHF bands available on the unit.

Also, the radio installs a powerful 2200 mAH battery that can provide for 24-36 hours of operating time. Whereas the large LCD display keeps you updated on the current status, so you can take preventive measures in case the radio is running out of battery or network.

Like other DMR radios, a messaging function is also featured in Radioddity GD-77 to boost versatility. By using the feature, you can send or receive messages from other radios by enabling the DMR mode. Other than that, the dedicated emergency alarm button built-in the radio helps in sending urgent messages to receivers in case of need.


  • Dual time slot
  • Long battery life
  • 5Km transmission range
  • PC programming


  • Cannot alter LCD brightness

5.  TYT MDf-380 DMR Digital Radio

Compatibility is of great concern especially when you are venturing with a large group. Since everyone cannot have the same radio as yours, enhanced compatibility is what you will require at times. The TYT MDF-380 with a TDMA digital technology can connect with Motorola Tier I and II, Hytera, Kenwood and other Vertex standard radios. Hence, enabling limitless transmissions for better communication experience.

By activating the digital mode, you can make either private or group calls. Plus, the digital transmission guarantees that your messages are sent with clarity. The CTCSS/DCS tones available further prevent interferences to secure crystal-clear transmissions.

The 2000 mAh battery installed renders a long operating life. Whereas to save battery, you can also transmit at low power (1W) for nearby transmissions. However, to serve for wide-spread communications, a high-power level (5W) is also available.


  • Approx. 1000mW audio output power
  • Analog and digital modes
  • Lcd display
  • Enhanced compatibility


  • Cannot program through Mac

6.  Ailunce HD1 DMR Amateur Radios

If you love skiing, hiking, camping or travelling, buying a DMR radio that can withstand rough handling is important. Ailunce HD1 with a sturdy, waterproof and dustproof built is all set to provide for crisp transmissions wherever you go. Besides, the available GPS technology helps in navigating the right paths or locating a missing group mate. 

Power unavailability is commonly encountered when visiting remote locations. Only a radio with a strong power capacity can withstand to work for several hours. Ailunce HD1 equips a 3200mAh battery that offers an operating time of 15 hours and a standby time of 160 hours.

This radio with a capacity to cover 256 zones and 3,000 channels enables the user to make personal or group calls. Furthermore, the availability of both analog and digital bands allows us to enjoy transmissions through versatile channels.


  • 200,000 contacts
  • Can pull in FM stations
  • 3200mAh battery
  • LCD and backlit keypad


  • GPS not so efficient


Ease of programming, bands availability, vast contacts storage, Bluetooth & GPS technology etc., governs the quality of digital walkie talkies. The DMR radios mentioned in this article comprises this all and are designed to serve for multiple purposes. No matter whether you want to explore nature, build a communication system at home or manage a group of workers, these units are the right fit for all needs.