The Best Walkie Talkie App

Remember the days you used to play at being a spy with your friends and pull pranks using walkie talkies? While it might not be able acceptable to do this as an adult, you can still use a walkie talkie app to send and receive quick messages from your friends and family. 

Why Do You Need a Walkie Talkie App

If all you need to do is send a short message but really need to use your voice, then it’s easier (and much cheaper) to use a walkie talkie app instead of making a phone call.  

Walkie Talke apps also use up very little in terms of cellular data, meaning that they work fine even in places where are there is poor coverage. Therefore, a walkie talkie app helps make sure that you’re not completely cut off from society while you travel through a remote area. 

If you’re wondering which Walkie Talkie app out there suits you best, then read on and find out. All these are available for both Android and iOS. 

Two Way: Walkie Talkie

If you want the simplest walkie talkie experience, then this app may just be the one for you. You don’t need to sign up for an account, there’s no configuration necessary and you’re not even required to log in with a username and password. In fact, all you need to do is open the app, type in the correct channel using the keypad and you’re good to go. 

While it is unlikely, you might actually end up listening in on a private conversation by dialing in a random set of numbers. It’s free for both Android and iOS.


Zello is preferred by a lot of users and it’s easy to see why with features like:

  • Support for Bluetooth headsets
  • The ability to communicate with over 2000 users at a time
  • A text messaging service
  • Support for Apple Watch

In addition to all this, the app also offers high audio quality and it never interferes with any incoming calls. You do, however, need to sign up for an account but it’s definitely worth it to have access to all these features. It’s free for both Android and iOS.


Intercom is another stripped-down Walkie Talkie app. There’s no need to sign up for an account or grant any sort of permission to the app. You have two options in terms of connections:

  • Wi-Fi – you can either connect to other people using the same network or use a wifi-radio to establish a direct connection. 
  • Bluetooth – if the other person is in close proximity, then this is a viable option. 

It’s free if you have an Android phone but iOS users must purchase the app. 


This app is more aptly described as a messaging platform with walkie talkie functionalities. Voxer is pretty much like any other messaging app. You can send voice messages to either a group chat or have a private conversation by simply holding down the walkie talkie button. The app is free for both Android and iOS users. 

Walkie Talkie Odt Audio

While this application is primarily intended for outdoor activities like hiking or backpacking, it can be used in other situations as well. For instance, you have the option to separate people into different groups, which is very convenient if you’re working on multiple assignments with different people. 

It’s quite easy to get started. First, sign up for an account and you can get straight into creating your groups. You can search for contacts by name or email address. The app is free for both Android and iOS users. 

A Walkie Talkie app is quite convenient when you just need to send a quick message. They also work in locations with poor network coverage, so it’s nice to have one during an emergency. In this article, we listed five of the best walkie talkie apps available for both Android and iPhone users. Each one has unique features that may or may not appeal to you. 

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