The Best Walkie Talkie Earpiece and Microphone Available

Despite the introduction of multiple innovative features in the walkie talkies, there is one thing you can’t change about them: the need to press the PTT. Although the VOX and eVOX functions allow hands-free transmission, the sound quality can never be as good as when delivered through an earpiece. Besides, the walkie talkie earpiece and microphone also allow the user to communicate without letting others overhear their transmissions.

Nevertheless, the earpieces don’t have a universal design, and you will need to dig and find the one compatible with your unit. Plus, some units come with or without a microphone. The microphone can free you from the limitation of pressing the PTT button on the walkie talkie. You can simply press the one located at the microphone and start transmitting.

The Volume knob, sturdy clothing clips, durable speaker and microphone are some of the other features you should look for. But lucky you as we have already done the homework on this area. Reading this article can help you in finding the right match for your unit within a span of minutes.

6 Premium Earpieces and Microphones for Two Way Radios

1.      Motorola HKLN4604 Swivel Earpiece with Microphone

Compatible with: Motorola DTR, CLS, RDX, RM and DLR radio series

Quality is a warranty when it comes to Motorola products. These earphones are no exception to the rule. Made of environment-friendly materials with no traces of harmful components like PVC or phthalates, these earpieces are 100% safe to wear day in day out. 

Wearing a bulky earphone for long working hours is undoubtedly inconvenient. This stylish Motorola earpiece has lightweight which puts no stress on the ear. A soft rubber ring extended with the headset swivels at different angles to make it a perfect fit for both sides.   

As the earpiece sits over the ear, you can share it with others without worrying about hygiene. The high-quality cord contains a set of clips to wear the earphone comfortably. Plus, the PTT button installed on the cord allows instant transmissions whenever required.


  • Fits on both sides
  • Environment friendly
  • Lightweight & sleek
  • Clear audio quality


  • Inconvenient cord length between microphone and earpiece 

2.      COISOUND CS-009 Two Way Radio Earpiece

Compatible with: Midland GXT, LXT and G-series walkie talkies

One problem generally encountered with cheap earpieces is they never fit rightly in everyone’s ears. This set of Coisound headset with an ear hook simplifies transmissions by wrapping comfortably around the user’s ear. This enables seamless communications throughout the day without needing to fix the earphones repeatedly in place.

You can also switch between VOX or PTT modes directly through the microphone attached. The integrated PTT button allows the user to record messages by pressing the button on the mic rather than a walkie talkie. On the other hand, the VOX function keeps the microphone activated without needing to press any button.

The installed lapel clip is sturdy and works perfectly to hold the microphone close to your mouth. Also, to prevent strain while on the go, the earpiece has an upgraded earphone clip installed. On top of this all, the earphone offers a top-notch sound quality which makes them a perfect choice.


  • High sound-quality
  • VOX/PTT switch
  • Wrap-around design
  • Reinforced clip for better handling


  • Not fit for both sides

3.      KEYBLU 2-Wire Earpiece/Headset with PTT and Mic

Compatible with: Motorola BCLS, CP, GP, XTN and many other series

Getting high sound quality out of earphones is one of the mandatory requirements. Good audio quality helps the user to continue transmitting in noisy environments or to communicate secretly. The Keyblu headset with a transparent tube secures superior sound quality along with preventing the harmful impacts of sound waves.

The dual line designing helps the user to comfortably wear the earphone. Also, they can be efficiently handled and allow concealing the cords as much as possible. The PTT button installed on the microphone can be accessed easily to start transmission right away.

Microphone plays a key role in crystal-clear receptions. These earpieces come with a standard microphone that never fails to record the messages with clarity. Lastly, the attached PU cables are durable enough to withstand harsh handling.


  • Enhanced concealment
  • Rugged built
  • Locks better transmission & reception experience
  • Easy to carry


  • The connector plug needs improvement

4.      Pulsat Two-Wire Surveillance Earpiece with Mic

Compatible with: Motorola, Hytera, Tekk and Blackbox Bantam units

Durability is of great concern especially when you plan to buy an earpiece after investing sums for a top-notch walkie talkie. These earpieces are packed with professional-grade equipment to last for long. The Kevlar reinforced cable and stainless-steel coated microphone will continue making your transmissions simpler for years.

Whereas the sound quality is not compromised, and the installed transparent acoustic tube works perfectly to play loud and clear messages even at busy spots. You can also wear the earpiece in both the left and right ear as per your convenience.

For enhanced clarity, you can disconnect and clean the earphone tube easily. The installed PTT button has a rugged built to prevent malfunctioning after long operating hours. Also, to ensure the comfortable transmission of messages, a large rotary clip is built-on the microphone.


  • 12 months warranty
  • Heavy-duty earpiece
  • Perfect audio quality
  • Upgraded clothing clip


  • The PTT button sometimes gets difficult to operate

5.      Retevis Warlike Talkie Earpiece with Microphone

Compatible with: Retevis, Baofeng, Arcshell and Kenwood two-way radios

Checking the compatibility of earphones with your radio is foremost important. However, some earpieces can connect with multiple models and brands of walkie talkies. The Retevis headset is one of such units. It has a standard k head type plug that can connect with a wide range of radios. 

To ensure you are not interrupted by a loosely fit earpiece while doing arduous jobs, the headsets come with a soft ear hang to firmly secure it in position without hurting the ear. While to minimize the background noises, there is an in-built smart technology that renders a clear sound experience.

Furthermore, the PTT button on the mic assists transmitting without needing to operate the walkie talkie at all. The installed volume knob is another interesting feature of the Retevis headset. This further upgrades the convenience by allowing sound adjustment through the earphone.


  • Mushroom-shaped earpiece
  • Sturdy built
  • Compatible with different radios
  •  Volume knob


  • The microphone sometimes lags in performance

6.      Commountain Listen Only Acoustic Tube Earpiece

Compatible with: Any unit with a standard headphone 3.5mm jack or with speaker microphone

This earpiece has earned positive customer responses due to manifold reasons. Excellent sound experience being the first among them. The UV resistant transparent acoustic tube delivers the received messages with clarity. Whereas the swiveled design ensures that the earpiece is worn rightly yet comfortably.

To make it last longer, the cable is designed from PU material and Kevlar fiber. This strong build guarantees that you will not need to buy a new earpiece in the near future. Also, as the tube detaches easily from the microphone or radio, you can clean it timely for boosted sound quality.

The Commountain earpiece is packaged with additional ear tips and ear molds to further assist transmissions. In addition, the 12-month warranty offered indicates clearly how confident the manufacturers are about their products.


  • Surgical grade tube
  • High-grade speaker
  • Reinforced cable
  •  One-year-warranty


  • The earpiece does not fit perfectly

Which One is the Perfect Fit for You?

There is no one-word answer to the question. Based on one’s personal scenario, the choice varies and so does the price range. However, there is one thing you can fetch out of all these models i.e., superior quality.

As for compatibility, we have done the legwork to research the connectivity of earpieces with different radios. You just need to follow the link given for the earpiece befitting your walkie talkie. Thereupon, get ready to start transmitting in hands-free mode.