The Must-Have Motorola Walkie Talkie Accessories

Although walkie talkie manufacturers have successfully overcome the drawbacks of the past, there is always an area for improvement. And when it comes to radios, Motorola is among the big names trusted for featuring the best products. However, to excel in the transmission experience, Motorola walkie talkie accessories are also up for sale.

By investing a few dollars in buying these accessories, one can enjoy transmissions in a better and efficient way. Following are the best available Motorola accessories that are made to polish the existing features in the name of better communications.

1.     Microphones & Earpieces

When exploring in the woods or doing a difficult task, holding a bulky walkie talkie would be inconvenient. Rather, one would wish to continue transmitting in hands-free mode. The RSMs have made your wish come true by installing a PTT button and speaker in a light device.

By connecting the microphone to the unit, you are free to wear the walkie talkie or clip it in your belt. The microphone can easily be pulled closer to the mouth while transmitting due to a long wire attached. However, you need to check their compatibility with your radio. Below are some of the microphones offered by Motorola:

Motorola 53724 Remote Speaker Microphone

This microphone connects with T200, T400, T600, T800 or any other Talkabout series having the VOX feature. As it weighs around 0.5 pounds only, holding it to transmit a message is easier. The microphone fits on your lapel, while the ergonomic design secures a strong grip. Hence, this accessory can boost the portability of your radio by enabling you to communicate in all situations.

Motorola Speaker Microphone with Reinforced Cable

This RSM is compatible not only with Motorola radios but also with Hytera or Tekk units. The microphone has an engineering plastic built that makes it suitable for the roughest terrains. To ensure smooth transmissions, an omni-directional microphone is integrated into the radio. Whereas the receptions are made clearer with the electret speaker installed.

Motorola RLN4941A Surveillance Earpiece

The earpieces are another option you can utilize for transmitting in hand-free mode. Unlike RSMs where you must press the integrated PTT button while communicating, the earpieces deliver your messages seamlessly without requiring you to press any button. You just need to wear the earpiece and attach the PTT microphone near the mouth for clear message delivery.

The RLN4941A is compatible with different models of Motorola. A clear tube attached with the earpieces guarantees that you will hear messages clearly yet privately in public areas. With an earpiece attached, you can continue hassle-free transmissions while driving, motorcycling or coordinating.

2.     Chargers & Batteries

Although the walkie talkies come with charging essentials, buying the extra accessories can help you in powering the battery rapidly before going out. Such accessories include a drop-in, USB, twin or car charger. All of them have their distinctive functions and here’s what Motorola has to offer you:

Motorola 56553 Drop-In Charger

This charger can power the CLS series of Motorola. By buying it, you can charge a radio and battery simultaneously. Consequently, this enables the user to save time by charging two radios at a time. Also, the charger is cost-efficient and durable which means you can use it for long to promptly charge the units.

Motorola PMPN4204AR Micro USB Charger

If you have the Talkabout series, this charger would be befitting. Available with a Y-cable, the Motorola PMPN4204AR can charge two walkies at once within 2 to 12 hours. Plus, as the product costs you half of what the drop-in chargers cost, this is an alternative option for those looking for a low-cost charging accessory. 

Motorola TLKR-T80 Car Charger

By using this 9-volt in-car adapter you can charge your radios while on the move. You only need to connect the charger to the socket in your car and it will start charging the radios. This secures that the user will always have a transmission channel when away from home or in case of a power outage. However, these exclusive chargers are only compatible with TLKR-T80 extreme walkie talkies so make sure to verify the model before buying one.

Motorola High-Capacity Spare Battery

While travelling, having a battery backup on hand will save you from unexpected disconnections. Besides, the battery life drains after months of usage. Hence, replacing them with a newer one can bring back the clear transmissions you are missing out. This 1650 mAh battery fits perfectly in the Motorola EM1000 Talkabout series. By installing it, you can operate the radio for long hours with crystal-clear transmissions. 

3.     Carry Accessories

Carrying the walkie talkies while travelling in protective covers save them from dust, pollution or other accidental damages. This also helps you in organizing a set of 2 or 4 radios in a single case. Similarly, the belt clips allow attaching the radio with your belt or lapel. You can also wear the walkie talkie around your neck by buying a lanyard. Here’s what Motorola has offered the consumers for enhanced portability:

Motorola PMLN7221AR Soft Carry Case

To keep your baggage organized, the Motorola PMLN7221AR has a capacity for around 3 walkie talkies along with other charging essentials and belt clips. You can carry the models of Motorola Talkabout in this case without any fear of damages as it will obstruct all deteriorating elements from reaching out to the radios.

Motorola PMLN7240AR Whistle Belt Clip

This sturdy belt clip is to firmly hold the Talkabout models. By using it, you can attach the radio with your belt, lapel or waistband. Also, the Motorola PMLN7240AR has a unique whistle option. This enables the user to promptly alarm everyone in case of need by blowing the whistle integrated onto the belt clip.


The extra accessories offered by Motorola are not necessarily required to start transmissions. However, to unlock the maximum potential of your radio, you can buy these low-cost accessories and enjoy easy communications. The microphones and earpieces available allow the user to chat privately or comfortably anywhere.

Whereas the alternative charging options secure that you will always have a strong battery backup. Moreover, the upgraded belt clips and cases lock portability at its best by securing the radios wherever required. Hence, buying these accessories is an ultimate solution to your problems related to walkie talkies.