Top 6 Walkie Talkie Cellular Phones in the Market

Carrying a sturdy walkie talkie to maintain communication is reliable. However, with limited features, the versatility is restrained. On the contrary, the fun multiplies with a cellular phone containing all smart features along with providing a strong communication channel.

But, deciding which one is durable enough to rely on is a tough decision. Some phones have a sturdy build but their screen cracks out easily. Others are not so portable, or they might not offer you the desired connectivity.

To judge which one is better for you depends upon how you want to utilize the phone. However, buying an all-purpose device would be the best option. Considering this, we have enlisted the below-mentioned cell phone walkie talkies that are suitable to take anywhere:

1.     Blackview BV5900 Rugged Cell Phones

 Blackview has offered this reliable device to the smartphone lovers, which they can take anywhere. Whether you want to go diving, skiing, cycling or skating, this rugged phone will withstand all types of environment. It is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof as well as drop-proof. On top of this all, this device can work smoothly at extreme temperatures (-22°F to 122°F).

Made of industrial-grade rubber and silicone liner, this phone offers a comfortable grip to the user. As for the display, the phone features a 5.7’’ HD screen with corning gorilla glass. This makes the screen tough and the visuals crystal-clear. The installed 5580mAh battery ensures a high-power capacity (120 hours standby), so you can enjoy taking pictures or playing games for long.

Moreover, the fingerprint and face ID features have upgraded the security level. For stable communication, the phone features dual sim options and supports the 4G network. A 13 MP main and a 0.3 MP sub-camera is built-in to help you capture the memorable moments. You can also captivate the breathtaking underwater moments in your phone by activating the underwater camera mode.

However, since the phone consists of a rubber body, it weighs heavier than a simple walkie talkie. Other than that, all the features make it an outright amusing device.

2.     RTCZ Armor 3T IP68 Walkie Talkie Cell Phones

This cell phone walkie talkie can tune in various frequencies by the help of a detachable antenna. The phone also has 35 network bands covering network providers from several countries. Therefore, you can rely on the device for sustainable communication in far-flung areas as well.

As for durability, the phone can bear immersion in water for about 2 hours or 24 hours of submission in concrete. Because the device is resistant to water, dust and shock, you can expect it to work through all types of terrains.

The visual experience enhances due to a 5.7” FHD display with corning gorilla glass 5. This makes the screen super-tough and scratch-resistant. The 10300 mAh battery installed charges fast and gives a long battery life.

Going on a trip and forgetting to take a camera is no more a problem. This walkie talkie phone has 21 MP rear, 13 MP front and 21 MP waterproof camera to capture every moment of yours in high-definition picture quality.

The only drawback of this phone is the Bluetooth connectivity, and you might need to reconnect the phone every few minutes.

3.     Doogee S80 Smartphone Walkie Talkie

If you love playing water games or going scuba diving, this smart walkie talkie is the best you can buy. Everything on this phone including screen, camera, speakers or even buttons are waterproof. This upgrades its water resisting capacity to 2 weeks which is amazing. Along with it, the phone is dust-resistant and has high-temperature resistance making it compatible with all environmental conditions.

Now you can enjoy watching videos or playing games anywhere as the Doogee S80 features a wide 5.99” FHD screen. The corning gorilla glass 4 display makes the screen scratch-resistant. Also, the gloves friendly mode assists you to use your cellphone easily even in freezing temperatures.

The battery capacity of this phone is exceptional as it offers you a standby time of 756 hours and a talk time of up to 80 hours. And since the phone works on Digital Mobile Radio standard, you will remain connected even if there are no networks available.

Although the phone has a rugged body, its screen is not so tough which makes it less durable. 

4.     CAT PHONES S31 Waterproof Smartphone

Ruggedness is the foremost requirement for a cell phone walkie talkie. As the rugged the cellphone is, the more compatible it can be to the surrounding environment. This phone is made to bear the wear and tear faced at commercial or industrial sites and to accompany you at adventurous trips as well.

The phone is certified for its industrial-grade durability. It can resist water for about 35 minutes and can withstand its quality even if you drop it from a height of 1.8m. It can also function smoothly even if you pass it through high temperature, pressure or salt mist spray.

To make your phone continue working for long hours, a 4000 mAh battery is installed. With S31, you can continue taking pictures from the 12 MP rear and 2 MP front camera without caring about storage, as it’s storage capacity can be extended to 128 GBs.

For connectivity, the phone supports 2G and 3G networks and hence, you can continue transmitting through various frequencies. Nonetheless, the camera quality is relatively low, and you may not be able to fetch high-resolution pictures from this device.

5.     CUBOT King Kong IP68 Smartphone

Tired of cracked smartphone displays? The CUBOT cell phone has found a solution to this problem. Not only the body of this phone is rugged, but the display is also tough. You are free to take your phone to water, dust, dirt or sand, it will continue operating smoothly and the screen will remain scratch-free.

With a 4400 mAh battery installed in this phone, you can continue operating for several hours. To help you capture memorable pictures and videos, the phone has an 8 MP front and 13MP rear camera.

Moreover, the compass and magnetic sensor installed will guide you through the journey, to make sure you don’t lose your track while hiking, camping or skiing. The 2G and 3G network availability guarantees a strong connection. However, many customers are not satisfied with the battery quality so relying on it to operate for several days might not be a suitable idea.

6.     Ulefone Armor 7 Rugged Cell Phones

This phone has an in-built 128GB ROM and 8GB RAM, which enables smooth functioning and high storage capacity. The phone is dust, water and shockproof. You can also take it in extreme temperature conditions, humid environments or can expose it to solar radiations. The Ulefone will continue functioning properly after facing all the wear and tear.

The Samsung 48MP rear and 16 MP front camera capture high-resolution pictures for you. Also, you can capture the aquatic moments by enabling underwater camera mode. And while you enjoy taking pictures and roaming around, the 5500 mAh battery will make sure that you are never out of power. Nonetheless, taking the device in water for long might cause malfunctioning which decreases its durability.

Why to Buy a Walkie Talkie Cellular Phone?

Walkie talkies can prove to be beneficial in various fields. Whether you want to carry out some management tasks or some commercial or industrial-grade work, a walkie talkie can help you in keeping a check on everyone. Also, for going away to a remote area, a walkie talkie can be the best communication channel.

But the resourcefulness multiplies when you manage to get a walkie talkie in the form of a smartphone. The above-mentioned cell phone walkie talkies are as rugged as a radio and have all the fancy features of a phone.

Hence, buying them will save you from taking a camera, cell phone and walkie talkie individually. Instead, you can carry this one device containing all essential functions.