Transmit Morse Code Through A Walkie Talkie

If you’ve ever seen a movie or read a novel that involved espionage, then you probably know what Morse code is. It’s essentially a series of dashes and dots used to relay an encoded message. These are communicated as clicks, bleeps, on/off noises or even light signals. Morse code was invented back in the 1830s by an American inventor and painter called Samuel F.B. Morse in conjunction with Alfred Vail and Joseph Henry.

The original purpose of Morse code was to allow people to send messages over telegraph lines. Nowadays it is still kept alive by radio hobbyists and walkie talkie enthusiasts. It is also used to relay SOS signals during emergencies.

If you own a walkie talkie or are planning to, then it could be useful to learn Morse code. It isn’t as difficult as you think, but just like learning any other language, it requires a lot of practice.

How Can You Transmit Morse Code Through A Walkie Talkie?

The best way to do this is to use a telegraph while keeping the walkie talkie’s microphone in close proximity to you. In addition, there are mobile applications that can translate any message into a series of clicks or bleeps. You can then hold this playback to the walkie talkie’s microphone. However, in an emergency scenario where you can’t use your phone, you could sound them out with dits for dots and dahs for dashes.

3 Important Tips For Learning Morse Code

Always Keep A Morse Code Alphabet With You

Each letter in the alphabet is represented with a unique combination of dots and dashes. Keeping an alphabet around can help you memorize each combination quicker. As you memorize them, practice sounding out each one with dits and dahs as well. Keep in mind that a dah is dragged out three times as long as a dit.

Practice Spacing Out

Remember that each letter should be separated with one dash while each word should be separated from the next with an interval of seven dots. Proper spacing is important if you want others to understand your message clearly.

Listen To Recordings

It’s generally easier to learn morse code through sound rather than visuals. You can find Morse code recordings in the American Radio Relay League archives. Slow these down to a comfortable pace and try speeding it up, bit by bit, as you get better at deciphering the clicks.

In addition, there are many online audio learning lessons that could help you learn morse code faster.

If you plan to own a walkie talkie or already own one, it could be useful to know Morse code. It’s not just something to practice with your friends for fun, it could actually save your life one day. In this article, we’ve looked at what exactly Morse code is and discussed a few ways to learn it.

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