Uniden BCD996P2 Review: Is This Scanner Worth The Investment?

Uniden is well-known for offering a reliable range of mobile or handheld scanners. The Uniden BCD996P2 is another model claimed to offer powerful features that secure transmission at its best. But along with fancy features comes the high price tag. This Uniden BCD996P2 review digs a bit deeper into the specifications of the device to help you decide whether the radio is worth the high investment or not.

Installation of Uniden BCD996P2

The simplest method to set up the scanner is to mount it inside your home as a base station. You will only need to place it on a flat surface broad enough that the indoor antenna could be extended comfortably. You can also set up your base station near a window and install an outdoor antenna. Make sure your mounting desk is near a power outlet so you can plug in the radio easily. Now connect the radio to the AC source using a 3.8V or 750 mA adapter and you are all set to start transmitting.   

However, installing the radio in a vehicle is a bit technical and you will need to follow the user guide scrupulously. The guide contains detailed instructions about how you can mount the radio by using either bracket, DIN-E Sleeve or the ISO technique. Also, as the radio has dimensions of 11 x 3.75 x 8.5, checkout whether there is enough space in the vehicle to start mounting or not.

Designing of Uniden BCD996P2

As the scanner has a contemporary design, anyone who has used the scanners before can get to understand it. The front panel has 3 knobs, a keypad and buttons for manifold purposes. The knobs when pressed performs differently than when rotated. Similarly, the buttons can serve different purposes depending upon the mode in which you are operating.

Nevertheless, due to multiple purposes hidden in a single key, getting your hands on the scanner might be perplexing. But the operation would get simpler once you become used to the functioning. Moreover, to keep you transmitting even in the dark, the LCD on the front has 3 light levels.    

Key Features of Uniden BCD996P2

1.     Trunk Tracker V Technology

The trunk tracker operation enables you to keep a track of conversations transmitted from analog Motorola, P-25 One-Frequency Trunk, EDACS, LTR and several other radio systems.

By using this technology, users can have a better transmission experience. When you press the PTT button, the radio instead of searching for any specific frequency looks for an unused frequency. A code is then generated for the selected frequency which is sent to the other called users or scanners so they can instantly connect. This results in establishing a frequency channel used by fewer operators and hence, results in static-free transmission.

2.     Dynamic Memory System

This radio has a smart in-built system called DMA (Dynamic Memory Access). This architecture organizes the memory in different sites, groups or channels to use the least possible space. Besides, an organized memory bank keeps the user informed of how much storage has been used.  

This efficient handling has boosted the storage of this scanner to an extent that you can store about 500 ‘Systems’, each containing 20 ‘Groups’ while every Group can store up to 1000 frequencies. Consequently, you can have up to 25,000 frequency channels stored in this scanner, this too in such a way that they can be recalled easily whenever required.

3.     Simplex System and Repeater System

For small range transmissions, you can use the simplex system that transmits and receives messages through a single frequency. By using such a system, you can connect with nearby FRS/GMRS channels and the range is around 1-9 miles.

On the contrary, the repeater system has an extensive transmission range of about 25 miles. This is because two frequencies are used for the transmission. The first frequency radiates from the transmitter towards the repeater. The repeater then receives the RF signals and re-transmit them with a stronger frequency toward the receiver. This results in establishing connections over a wide range with no interferences.

4.     Programming of Uniden BCD996P2

To program the radio, you need to install software provided on the manufacturer’s website or installing Freescan can also fulfil the purpose. After installing, connect your scanner to the PC and start programming it. You will start by creating a memory system and adding groups into it. The frequencies of your desired channels are then added into those groups. 

You can also assign any system to the quick key. This will allow you to instantly scan through the frequencies of a particular system by pressing the quick key.

5.     The CTCSS, DCS and NAC Tones

To secure your transmission from any type of distortions, the scanner features CTCSS and DCS tones. This a squelch technique that prevents interference by accompanying the message transmitted from the radio with a unique code. A receiver will only receive the message if it’s on the same code. Thereby obstructing all other receivers from listening to your transmission. Thus, these tones not only prevent interferences but also guard your conversation from the unknown listeners.   

The NAC, on the other hand, protects the digital signal with a 3-hexadecimal code in a similar manner. This radio allows the user to instantly search or decode the DCS/CTCSS/NAC tones enabling faster transmission.

6.     Location-Based Scanning and Alerts

By connecting the radio to a GPS unit (not supplied), you can scan for active bands available in your current location. The GPS feature also keeps you informed of the road alerts, imminent danger, or other important facts related to the located area. Activating this function can be quite beneficial especially when you are travelling to a remote or new area.

7.     S.A.M.E Weather Alert/ Priority 

With the help of NOAA weather channels, your radio will keep you updated on the weather forecast and alert you if there is any climatic emergency nearby. Consequently, by using this feature, you will be alarmed if there is any hurricane or storm about to hit your area so you can take protective measures timely.


  • Extremely durable due to metal construction
  • RF Capture Technology detects strong transmissions
  • Stores up to 25,000 channels
  • Multi-color display keeps you updated
  • Stable and static-free transmission


  • Multi-functioning keys have complexed operating
  • Speaker on the underside suppresses sound

Should You Buy Uniden BCD996P2?

This police scanner with a strong built is all you need to enjoy crystal-clear transmissions on a wide range. With the scanner, you will also get an AC adapter, harness, power cord, mounting bracket, hardware as well as the user manual. Hence, you can get started right after buying the radio without needing to buy any extra equipment.

Although difficult to program, once learnt operating, the powerful design of this police scanner has a lot to offer that will never let you regret your decision of buying it.