Best Wireless Earpiece Walkie Talkies In 2021

A walkie talkie can function smoothly without a wireless earpiece but, to enhance its portability, buying a headset is the best available option. A wireless headset assists the user in performing all kinds of tasks with concentration; meanwhile, their transmission is being secured by a tiny earpiece. This is also one of the reasons why wireless earpiece walkie talkies are in demand nowadays. 

However, there are some relevant details you should inquire about before buying a headset for your walkie talkie. First of all, make sure the earpiece you are buying is compatible with your radio and its battery capacity is strong enough to operate throughout the day. Also, the earpiece should be comfortable to wear for long hours.

Keeping these features in mind, we have enlisted the following 5 wireless walkie talkies that can perform well for you:

1.     HYS Wireless Walkie Talkie Headset System

HYS has upgraded portability by offering these headsets that allow you the comfort of communicating without holding any device. These wireless earpieces can be rotated at various angles to make the transmitting convenient for you. And the silicone ear tips are long-lasting yet comfortable so you can continue communicating for long hours.

The headsets come with a wireless adapter that provides for keeping the radio connected to the PTT. You can also connect two devices simultaneously with your headsets hence, enabling you to communicate with two operators at once. Moreover, you can connect the earpieces to almost all Bluetooth devices including iPhone, Android, Laptops etc.

The finger PTT with elastic hook & loop tape wraps easily around the finger, steering wheel, handlebar or other similar places to affirm the safety of the user. One thing to remember is that the Bluetooth adapter is compatible with Motorola 2pin radios and cannot be used with Kenwood, Icom or other walkie talkies. In case you have an Icom or Midland walkie talkie, switch to the next product.

Furthermore, after charging all the 3 devices, you can continue transmitting through them for about 10 hours. Also, they have a standby time of 100 hours which is exceptional.

2.     TWAYRDIO Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The TWAYRDIO Bluetooth headset is another competing device in the market. They allow the user to connect with a walkie talkie along with any other Bluetooth device at once. Hence, you can continue listening to music along with transmitting simultaneously.

Not only the PTT function is featured on finger PTT, but also on your headsets. This will allow you to continue communicating by using any of the available options as per your convenience. Besides, the finger PTT has an elastic band so you can tie it at a nearby place.

After connecting, you can maintain a stable connection for a range of about 10m. The battery life of the headset while transmitting is 12 hours, and it takes less than 3 hours to fully charge the system. Nevertheless, before buying, make sure you have Midland or Icom radio as the Bluetooth dongle connects with these two only.

3.     HYS 2 Way Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This product is the best match if you are searching for a headset compatible with Kenwood or Baofeng models. The Bluetooth dongle of these headsets fits in almost all models of Kenwood walkie talkies comprising a two-pin plug. Plus, most of the Baofeng radios are also compatible with them. You can also connect pretty much all Bluetooth-enabled devices including the iPhone series, android phones, PC etc.

With the PTT button built-in the headset, there is no need to carry a finger PTT along with yourself. Moreover, the layered ear tips assure that the headsets are comfortable to wear.

The earpieces have a high battery capacity, and you can expect your headset to function throughout the day after fully charged. Also, the Bluetooth dongle has an outstanding battery life of 3 days when operated and 30 days when standby.

And to keep the earpiece in place while you move around, the headsets come with ear hooks that can be rotated at any angle for holding the earpieces tightly.

4.     HYS Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Headset

wireless earpiece walkie talkie

These headsets are compatible with almost all Midland and Icom models having two-pin connectors. You can also connect the earpieces with your cell phone or laptop. But both the radio and phone do not connect to the headsets simultaneously, hence, the versatility is restrained.   

The headsets take around 2-3 hours of charging and after that, you can use them for 10 hours of music time, 12 hours of talk time or they can standby for as long as 100 hours. And while you transmit, the silicone ear tips will fit comfortably in your ears. You can also replace the ear tips easily when needed.

For your convenience, you can use the PTT button on headset or the finger PTT option. The finger PTT has a hook & loop band that can be tied around your finger or steering wheel to ensure you are not distracted when engaged in driving or any other critical task.

5.     Radtel Wireless Headphone Handset

These wireless headphones are compatible with Baofeng models containing K-types connectors or Kenwood’s two-pin models. The earpieces also enable you to connect with a smartphone. But, this device has a limitation that you cannot connect both radio and phone at once.

The Bluetooth range is about 10m which is fairly good. Also, this headset is quite affordable as compared to other brands. However, the headphone suits best for personal use as you might encounter interferences while transmitting at noisy locations.

Final words on the wireless earpiece walkie talkie

Though not substantially adopted, the wireless earpieces can bring a lot of ease to you. They enable the user to continue communicating in all situations without even holding any device. In addition, you can also connect your smartphones to them and hence, receiving calls, listening to music or transmitting can be done concurrently.

But before you decide to buy an earpiece, make sure it is compatible with your walkie talkie. Consequently, after buying a compatible headset, you are all set to continue talking while driving, riding, hiking or whatnot.