World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies – Are they Worth a Try?

Uniqueness can always manage to make a space in the world. Keeping this fact in mind, the manufacturers designed these radios and promoted them as the world’s smallest walkie talkies. But are they actually the smallest? And how good is the transmission range of these small radios? This article has the answer to these and all other questions in your mind related to this gadget.

Specifications of World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies

1.     The Super-Tiny Built

The claim of formulating the world’s smallest walkie talkie is not a lie and the radios are literally the tiniest. With a dimension of about 4.80 x 4.70 x 3.00 cm, these transmitters undoubtedly deserve the attraction of the consumers. Besides, a small radio can bring multiple benefits to users. They fit comfortably in your palm, pocket, bag or anywhere. Thereby carrying them is easier for your kids as compared to a bulky radio.

Not only these walkie talkies are the smallest, but they are also as light as a feather. They weigh only around 2.8 ounces, hence, are the most portable out there. This smart designing has somehow attracted the limelight. Consequently, urging the elders along with the youngsters to buy and transmit through this unique device at least for once.

2.     Colorful Built

Kids tend to like colorful things rather than a plain device. Understanding this psyche of the children, the manufacturers have made this small device interesting for your kids by adding multiple colors to it. The frame of this radio is black and silver in color. While the PTT, code key and on/off button are yellow and green. And the speaker on the front is given a red color.

This blend of bright colors in a single device is outright splendid. Thus, leaving behind no doubts that your kids would love to play around with this multi-color device.

3.     Designing

Knowing that a rigid antenna would bring down the portability, these walkie talkies have a flexible antenna that fits in everywhere. On the front, you will find the code key that can help your kid in understanding the concept of morse codes. The morse codes are quite beneficial in delivering secret messages in the form of sound signals.

Besides, to assist you in guiding, the packaging contains a chart of international morse codes. Finding such a technical feature on an inexpensive device is worth praising. However, as the radio does not offer any volume option and the speakers do not produce a loud sound, the kids cannot enjoy the feature to its fullest. 

Other than that, the PTT and power buttons are integrated into the sides of the walkie talkie. As for durability, these radios are weakly built and not at all sturdy, but this is all you can expect at such a low-price range. 

4.     Battery Required

To power the radios 8 x AG13 batteries are required which are supplied by the manufacturers. To install the batteries, you need to unscrew the slot located at the backside. Drop the button batteries inside following the sequence mentioned on the packaging and screw back to pack the batteries inside.

5.     Transmission Range

Transmission range is the most critical part of a walkie talkie. As the radio without a fair range is of no use. These walkie talkies are claimed to have a transmission range of around 100’ or 30m. Moreover, the packaging asserts that the generated RF signals are strong enough to penetrate through walls, steel or concrete.

However, the reality is converse. The radios can barely maintain a transmission even if you are a few feet away, and all you get is muffled reception full of distortions. Hence, for a decent transmission range, these radios are not what you should buy.

Other Alternative Mini Walkie Talkies

Although not the smallest walkie talkie of the world, these radios can serve efficiently for the actual purpose of radios i.e., transmission:

1.      Baofeng T3 Kids Walkie Talkies

This set of colorful walkie talkies has the potential to be your kid’s favorite device. A backlit LCD gives them the feel of cellphones while the 22 available channels ensure that they always have an active transmission channel. To prevent muffled reception, 38 privacy codes are added to the radio.

The transmission range is around 3km granting kids the liberty to play freely around the house or in the backyards without losing connection. Moreover, the call tones, VOX feature, keylock function and a lot more make this radio engaging and attractive for the children.

2.  WOSPORTS Kids Walkie Talkies

These compact radios with plain functioning are suitable for kids of age 3 or above. The radio has 22 channels with 99 privacy codes to secure stable transmission. The children can play at about 3 km of distance without experiencing distortions while communicating.

In case you want to keep a check on your kids, use the keylock feature to secure the radio on a single channel. This will enable you to continue inquiring about them timely following the same channel. And the flashlight on top keeps the kids playing even in the dark.   

3.      QINGLO FRS Walkie Talkies

These portable and wearable walkie talkies are best for kids of all ages. They have a transmission range of about 2 miles. To amuse the children, the radio can also play broadcasts from FM stations.

These walkie talkies install rechargeable batteries that can last for around 24 hours after fully charged. By using the provided watch band, your kids can wear the walkie talkie around their wrist or the neck with the help of a lanyard.


Having the world’s smallest walkie talkies may attract the kids due to their novelty. Also, the colorful design can grab their attention and can keep them playing around with it. However, due to poor transmission they cannot take the place of a walkie talkie. Consider buying one of the alternative products if you want the kids to experience quality transmission.